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 The Arrow Tower is an upgraded version of the Level 10 Watchtower and attacks single targets rapidly. 


The Arrow Tower does the most damage to an enemy hero, has the highest attack speed, and has the most hit points of all towers.

Arrow Tower is a good choice in Here Be Monsters since it has high HP and can be used as a tank building. An Arrow Tower with a high-level garrison can assault enemy heroes allowing your troops to combat enemy troops.

Arrow Towers are helpful at lower levels in Heroes Trial, but at higher levels, where the number of enemy heroes increases, Arrow Towers are less effective.


Click the Arrow Tower and you will find 4 Icons.These Icons are Info, Level Up, Upgrade and Garrison.

Below are the following details of information regarding the Icons:

Info Levelup Upgrade Garrisson1

  • Info - an Icon that states information and details about Arrow Tower.
  • Level Up -  gives you an option to upgrade your Arrow Tower in a certain Levels.
  • Upgrade - is an option to choose/switch from 2 remaining special upgrade levels of Watch Tower which is  Magic Tower and Cannon Tower.
  • Garrison - is an additional features of the upgraded tower which can add heroes that grants the tower high attack abilities.

There are another Icons which you will find once you Level Up your Arrow Tower. These are the Cancel Icon and the Finish Icon. The details for Cancel and Finish Icons are as follows.

Cancel Finish
  • Cancel - if you want to cancel your Level Up process, you can do so by hitting this icon. It will notify you that you can only retrieve 50% of the amount you spend for the Level Up you have made.
  • Finish - is an icon where Gems are involved. If you want to finish instantly certain Level Up you have made, you can do so by spending the amount of gems shown on the top of the Finish Icon. Red number means that your gems stock is insufficient.

Upgrading Tower[]


Upgrading Tower is an option where you can upgrade or switch to other special types of towers. Normally, when we upgrade a tower, we choose to level it up but somehow another option was to switch.

Arrowswitch Magicupgrade Cannonupgrade

This upgrade page shows up when we press the upgrade button along with leveling up the tower a player chose, an option was either to switch from present tower to another optional special tower available provided that it should be paid with the amount the tower level has attained.


Level Hitpoints Damage Range Level Up Cost (Gold) Level Up TimeTimer Might
1 14,000 320 17 140,000 Gold - 10
2 17,000 385 17 190,000 Gold 14h 20
3 20,000 450 18 260,000 Gold 16h 30
4 23,000 515 18 350,000 Gold 20h 40
5 26,000 580 19 450,000 Gold 1d 50
6 29,000 645 19 650,000 Gold 2d 60
7 32,000 710 20 900,000 Gold 4d 70
8 35,000 775 20 1,200,000 Gold 8d 80
9 38,000 840 21 1,500,000 Gold 12d 90
10 41,000 905 21 1,800,000 Gold 16d 100
11 60,000 970 22 2,100,000 Gold 20d
12 80,000 1035 22 2,400,000 Gold 24d
13 100,000 1100 22 2,800,000 Gold 28d
14 120,000 1165 23 3,200,000 Gold 32d
15 150,000 1230 23 3,600,000 Gold 36d

Source: New upgrade stats


Here are Arrow Tower specific information only. For general information about the Garrison-features, you should check out the Garrison page.

Type Level Effect
Arrow-tower-garrison-green 1 Priority Target: Heroes, Increases range by 3
2 Priority Target: Heroes, Increases range by 6
3 Priority Target: Heroes, Increases range by 9
4 Priority Target: Heroes, Increases range by 12
5 Priority Target: Heroes, Increases range by 15
6 Priority Target: Heroes, Increases range by 18
7 Priority Target: Heroes, Increases range by 21
Arrow-tower-garrison-blue 1 Increases damage dealt by 2%, Increases Tower hitpoints by 10%
2 Increases damage dealt by 4%, Increases Tower hitpoints by 20%
3 Increases damage dealt by 6%, Increases Tower hitpoints by 30%
4 Increases damage dealt by 8%, Increases Tower hitpoints by 40%
5 Increases damage dealt by 10%, Increases Tower hitpoints by 50%
6 Increases damage dealt by 12%, Increases Tower hitpoints by 60%
7 Increases damage dealt by 14%, Increases Tower hitpoints by 70%
Arrow-tower-garrison-purple 1 Does 1.5x damage to Heroes
2 Does 2.0x damage to Heroes
3 Does 2.5x damage to Heroes
4 Does 3.0x damage to Heroes
5 Does 3.5x damage to Heroes
6 Does 4.0x damage to Heroes
7 Does 4.5x damage to Heroes

Garrison in depth[]

Blue garrison increases damage dealt. Damage dealt means the damage that already went through all kinds of reduction. For example:

  • A Ninja with 4000 base damage and 500% slash damage (4/9 skill) will proc 20,000 damage on the enemy.
  • Imagine that the enemy is a 9/9 skill Paladin (90% reduction).
  • That Ninja would deal 20,000 * 10% = 2000 damage on Paladin (this is the real damage dealt).

If a level 3 Arrow Tower has level 5 blue garrison (450 damage and increase 10% damage dealt), it would deal 450 + 45 = 495 to the enemy with no damage reduction. By far in Castle Clash, damage dealt and normal damage are quite same as each other. For example:

  • If that tower fires at a 3/9 Paladin (60% reduction), if blue garrison increase normal damage, each attack will be 495 damage, go through reduction, 495 * 0.6 = 297 damage.
  • With blue garrison increasing damage dealt, 450 damage go through reduction will be 450 * 0.6 = 270 damage, then this number increases by 10% will be 270 + 27 = 297 (still the same).

But in case in the future Castle Clash release a new damage system which is Damage Blocked, damage dealt and normal damage will be much different. Imagine that there is a new talent "Block 450 damage when attacked".

  • With normal damage from blue garrison (495 damage), the hero bearing that talent will receive 495 - 450 = 45 damage.
  • But with damage dealt from blue garrison, all 450 damage will go through the talent and now deal 450 - 450 = 0 damage on the hero. Damage dealt is 0 * 10% = still 0.

Though it's less likely to happen, all the things above explain why damage increase from blue garrison isn't shown in the tower info like Cannon Tower and Magic Tower.

Arrow Tower damage display


The Arrow Tower only has one tier, but changes looks after it reaches a certain level.


New arrow tower can reach the entire map with garrison 6 (Timeout protection!)