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Here you can find information about the main attributes of the hero.

Primary Attributes[]


Attacks Per Second. The number of attacks that occur per second. Typically representative of Attack Speed (ATK SPD). Please see Attack Speed for further details. can also be used in reference to skills.

APS is represented as fraction such as 0.5 for once every 2 seconds, 1.5 for one and half times every seconds, or 2.0 for twice every second.

Attack Speed (ATK SPD) represents the time it takes between each attack, ie an interval of 1,000ms (1 second) or 1,200ms (1.2 seconds).


Ico attack

The Attack is the main value used to calculate the damage. Any skills with ATK in the description always deals the same amount of damage every time it is used.

Although ATK and DMG are used interchangeably it may be simplest to view ATK as a base hero attribute (something it has built in) and DMG as what results from that, ie through a skill proc'ing or the hero simply attacking (ie DMG'ing) another hero.

Putting it another way, ATK is what a hero starts with and DMG is the result or product of ATK.


(see Attack)

Attack Speed[]

Ico attackspeed

The Attack Speed or ATK SPD gives information about the time between two attacks of the unit. It is displayed in milliseconds (ms). This is rounded up the nearest fifth of a second after applying all attack speed adjustments. A unit with an attack speed of 1500 (=1.5sec) will therefore attack at 1.6 seconds, 3.2 seconds, 4.8 seconds, etc., once they come within range of their target.

600ms  600ms
750ms  800ms
800ms  800ms
900ms  1,000ms
1,000ms  1,000ms
1,200ms  1,200ms
1,500ms  1,600ms
2,000ms  2,000ms

The following formula can be used to calculate Attack Speed:

operating Attack Speed = RoundUP( Base Attack Speed / [ (1 + Talent / Crest multipliers ) * ( 1 + other multipliers ) * 200 ] ) * 200

For Example, a hero with an Attack Speed of 1,500ms and a level 3/8 Berserk Talent (20% attack speed increase) that is also being buffed by a Pumpkin Duke with a 6/10 skill level (35% attack speed increase):

operating Attack Speed = RoundUP( 1,500 / [ (1 + 20% ) * ( 1 + 35% ) * 200 ] ) * 200

Note that the buffs (increases) are multipliers and not additions together, ie, if there were 3 buffs of (a) 20%, (b) 35% and (c) 55%, then total amount of increase would be (a) * (b) * (b) = (1+ 0.2 ) * (1+ 0.35 ) * (1 + 0.55) = x 2.511 (or a 251.1%) increase and not 20% + 35% + 55% = x 1.1 increase and not 1 + 20% + 35% + 55% = x 2.1 increase.

The following formula can be used to converted Attack Speed into APS (Attacks Per Second):

APS (Attacks Per Second) = 1,000 / Attack Speed
operating APS = 5 / RoundUP( Attack Speed / 200 / (1 + Talent / Crest multipliers ) / ( 1 + other multipliers ) )

(Also see APS (Attacks Per Second)

Attack Speed Roundings[]

In most game-modes a heroes attack speed is rounded up to the nearest 200ms.

Attack Rate[]

The rate that a hero attacks at (see Attack Speed).


(see Attack Speed)


The Damage a unit deals is based on the attack value and a random factor that varies between -8% and 8% before any buffs or debuffs are applied.[1] All skills with DMG in the description vary in their damage output, based on the random factor.

Damage = Attack * (1 + random factor)
  • DPS - (Damage per second) describe the average rate of damage inflicted over time.


(see Damage)


Ico hp

The Hit Points / Health Points or HP resemble the amount of damage a unit can take, until it dies. In battle it is displayed as a green bar above the unit that is divided into five equal parts.

Health Points[]

(see Health Points)


(see Health Points)

Movement Speed[]

Ico movespeed

The Movement Speed or MOV SPD describes the distance a unit can walk within one second.


(see Movement Speed)


Since there is no official information about the range of units, the following values are estimated, using one field (e.g. one wall) as a measurement.

  • 0 = Melee.
  • 0.5 = Can hit units behind walls, but not buildings behind walls.
  • 1 = Can hit over one field.
  • 3 = Can hit over three fields.
  • 4 = Can hit over four fields.

Hero and Artifact Attributes[]

All Heroes have some Accuracy by default. The other attributes will be unlocked later on along with new features. (Each Hero has a different Accuracy value. Accuracy is increased each time the Hero evolves.)[2]

ACC (Accuracy)[]

ACC is short Accuracy and is primarily enhanced by the artifact Bottom Eye of Garuda which is used for opposing Dodges (artifact Bottom Lightning Rock) . For further details about ACC please see attribute descriptions below.

Accuracy (ACC)[]

Increases the hit rate of basic attacks and skills:

Hit Rate = [ 1 + ( ACC / 10,000 ) ] * ( 100% + Artifact )

If you’re attacking a target with Dodge, Actual Hit Rate = Hit Rate - Target’s Dodge rate. For example, if the Hit Rate of Druid is 110% and the target has a Dodge rate of 30%, the actual Hit Rate of Druid when he attacks the target is 80%.

CRIT (Critical)[]

CRIT is short for Critical / Critical Hit and relates to:

Note: The hero's Base CRIT attribute value (CRIT DMG) is currently not shown in the current version (1.2.78) but is suspected to be around 1.5x (150%) and to vary between hero types and evolution generations.

In summary, CRIT is represented by the combination of these two factors:

Chance / Rate =    CRIT (Hit) - CRIT Resist
DMG =    Heroes ATK * CRIT DMG

For further details please see the following attribute descriptions.

Critical Damage (CRIT DMG)[]

Increases the amount of damage dealt in a critical hit. Heroes with higher CRIT DMG deal higher damage when they do a critical hit.

Base critical dmg multiplier is equal to 0.5x (50% extra dmg ) of total inflicted dmg i.e if a hero is dealing 100k dmg ,if he crits its going to deal 150k total Traits:- every lvl 5 crit dmg trait (1000 ) is equal to 0.1x (10% extra dmg) extra dmg

Critical Hit (CRIT)[]

Also referred to as CRIT, CRIT Rate, CRIT Hit and CRIT Hit Rate, increases the chance (rate) of dealing a critical hit and is enhanced by the artifact Bottom Axe of Strife. Heroes with higher CRIT have a higher chance to deal critical hits.

Critical Rate (see Critical Hit)[]

Critical Hit (Rate) is the same as Critical Hit (CRIT). See Critical Hit (CRIT) for Critical Rate details.

Every 10 points of crit is equal to 1% critical chance, meaning Heartbreaker starts with an initial 25% critical chance for example. It is possible to obtain 54% crit chance having 6 times the demogorgon card at 5 stars in the traits segment.

Critical Resist (CRIT Resist)[]

Reduces the chance of taking a critical hit. Heroes with higher CRIT Resist have a lower chance of taking critical hits.

Dodge (Dodge)[]

Dodge: increases the chance of dodging attacks primarily by the artifact Bottom Lightning Rock:

Dodge rate= ( Dodge / 10,000 ) * ( 100% + Artifact )

Note: When Dodge activates, your Heroes can avoid getting hit by basic attacks, skills, and even some conditions. Dodge is effective against dodging / avoiding basic attacks which include:

  • Hero skills
  • Stun, Fear, Silence
  • decreases in MOV SPD and ATK SPD
  • Energy reduction
  • increases in incoming DMG
  • boost removal
  • Guild Boss instant kills.

Dodge will not work against:

  • deflected damage (such as the talents Flame Guard and Blade Shell, or Hero skills)
  • conditions inflicted by the talents Corrode, Heaven’s Wrath, and Condemnation
  • damage and conditions inflicted by Traps and Defensive buildings
  • Energy reduction from the talent Scatter
  • damage and conditions caused by Spells.