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Chat send

The Chat can be used to chat with people, view their bases, send private messages, add and manage friends and to chat with the guild.

All messages are delivered instantly, so offline users will not get messages.



With the lastest update you can now chat worldwide, but you can only say certain (scripted) sentences which ask for friends or to join a guild. Also guilds can send invites through the chat. Private message allows you to talk to other players who are on your friend lists and also there is a guild chat where all members of your guild can talk and see the conversation..

Private Msg[]


The player can send private messages, only visible to him and the player he sends the message to. To respond to a private message, you can simply tap on the player who sent you a message and enter your text.



On this tab, all the player's friends are listed. The player can view their bases, send them a private message (only if they're online) or delete friends. The maximum number of friends a player can have is 30.



On this tab, the player can chat with members of the guild .

Play/Pause and Volume/Mute[]


The play/pause control at the bottom right is used to start and stop incoming messages. The other one is the volume where you can mute the tone upon sending or receiving messages.

Tabs and Text Balloons[]


Chat Tabs - Is found at the right side of the tabs for chat. This serves as the chat tabs to open all varieties of chat (social,private,friends and guild)


Text Balloon- Is normally the text balloons we see when we send messages in private,friends and guild tabs.


Reply Text Balloon - is a response message balloon shows when someone replied to your messages in Private, friends and guild tabs


Chat Balloon - is often found in Social Chat, where most of the messages are scripted.