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Energy or Power is a hero attribute ...

The Energy Bar

A Hero's "purple" Energy bar ( EnergyBar90% ) needs to be at 100% in order for it to be able to proc (activate its Skill).

  • NOTE on %: Energy referenced as % represent an absolute (and not relative) value or proportion of 100%, ie, a set value, and not a proportion of the current state of Energy, eg, if an Energy Bar with 10% gains 15%, then it increases by 15 to 25 (10%+15%) and NOT by 10% × 15%.
  • A hero can only hold / have a maximum of 100% Energy. Anything over this will be lost.

Hero Proc Types


The vast majority of heroes do NOT autoproc and must be at 100% Energy prior to starting their standard attack in order to proc.

  • Even if the Energy Bar reaches 100% while the hero is attacking, it will not proc. The Energy Bar must be at 100% before, and not during nor after, its standard attack in, order to proc.


Autoproc heroes (such as


) automatically proc as soon as the energy bar hits 100%.

  • Autoproc'ing is often conditional on a CD (Cool Down) so if the Energy Bar reaches 100% and then drops below 100% during a CD the hero will not proc until it re-reaches 100%.

Energisation and De-energisation

Hero Energy UNIT Types

Energy UNIT types and values are fixed for each hero type and although the standard set "Energy UNIT" of energisation is 15% for most hero types, there are some variations:

Type Energy UNIT
 1. Slow (Retarded)
14%  or lower
12% for Aries
 2. Standard (Default) 
15%  exactly
Covers the majority of heroes.
 3. Fast (Rapid) 
16%  or higher
(often 30% or more
Includes and .

Energy UNIT Variants

Hero Hero's
Energy UNIT
Energy UNIT
Aries Aries
x 9 +1.00% +0.500% Slow (Retarded)
Beast Tamer Beast Tamer (and not Grizzly)
(different to Grizzly)
x 7 +1.25% +0.625% Standard (Default)
Grizzly Beast Tamer's Grizzly
(different to Beast Tamer)
x 2 +5.00% +2.500% Fast (Rapid)
Dread Drake Dread Drake
x 2 +7.50% +3.750% Fast (Rapid)
Grimfiend Grimfiend
x 4 +2.50% +1.250% Fast (Rapid)
Harpy Queen Harpy Queen
x 1 +8.33% +4.167% Fast (Rapid)
Phantom King Phantom King
x 1 +8.33% +4.167% Fast (Rapid)
Legendary Hero Card Virtually all other heroes
(this is the vast majority of heroes) 
x 7 +1.25% +0.625% Standard (Default)


Event /
Energy UNIT[1]

Energy UNIT[1]
Ico roquet

HeroATK and ProcLegendary Hero Card
For most heroes, 1 UNIT will be the Standard (Default) 15% except for the few Fast (Rapid) and Slow (Retarded) energisers. See Energy UNIT Types for details.
text-middle Standard ATK 1 UNIT 1 UNIT 15% for a Standard (Default) Energy UNIT
12% (or less) for a Slow (Retarded) Energy UNIT
30%~100% for a Fast (Rapid) Energy UNIT
text-middle Standard ATK (Buffed) 1 UNIT 1 UNIT Buffed ATKs are treated no differently from standard ATK's. The buff initialisation also has no bearing.
text-middle Skill DMG
from non-energy
reducing proc
minus 100%
(once, at time of proc initialization)
for each DMG
This is additional to the standard ATK.
text-middle Skill DMG
minus 100%
(once, at time of proc initialization)
0 Units
for any DMG with Energy Reduction
Proc DMG that includes an ENERGY REDUCTION in the proc will result in NO Energy gain to the the receiver (ATK Energy rules still apply).
This ONLY applies to the DMG that includes the ENERGY REDUCTION component and not any other DMG from the proc.
Some heroes with an ENERGY REDUCTION in their skill include: , , and .
This excludes Talent Scatter Scatter and so excludes Pixie[2]
text-middle Skill DoT[3]
(DMG over Time)
0 Units
(appart from proc initialization)
for every, and each, DMG
Every time receiving hero is DMG'd, it gains a UNIT.
DoT proc's from heroes such as Vlad Dracula, Ghoulem, Immortep, Santa Boom and Snowzilla will result in rapid energisation of targeted heroes.
text-middle Buff / Debuff
0 Units 0 Units NON-energy Buffs and debuffs do NOT cause any energisation.
text-middle CRIT DMG 0 Units 1 UNIT? CRIT DMG will result in extra energisation of target Heroes, Bosses and Demons.
Talents and CrestsIcon Talent
Talent Slow DownSlow-down
Talent Heavy BlowHeavy Blow
0 Units
(already accounted for with hero's standard ATK)
1 UNIT These talents / crests also include a DMG competent which results in the receiver gaining an extra UNIT on top of the UNIT they received from the standard ATK. The issuer does NOT gain anymore Energy when these are issued.
Talent RevitalizeRevitalize 20%-100%
Initial, one off, fixed % from Talent
0 Units
Talent Revitalize1/5 = 20% Talent Revitalize2/5 = 40% Talent Revitalize3/5 = 30% Talent Revitalize4/5 = 80% Talent Revitalize5/5 = 100%
Talent Deadly StrikeDeadly Strike
Talent War GodWar God
Talent BulwarkBulwark
0 Units 0 Units Buffs do not impact Energy
Talent Deadly StrikeDeadly Strike works as a single-event / one-use buff. It is integrated into, and will only active with, a standard ATK and so is already accounted for with this.
Talent ReviveRevive see note N/A Revived hero's Energy caries over including any Energy gained from DMG leading to death.
TowersArrow Tower 1
Energisation from towers is proportional to the heroes Energy UNIT. Fast (Rapid) energising heroes will have much larger increases in Energy than Slow (Retarded) energisers.
Watchtower 10 Watch Towers N/A 1/12 UNIT
For ALL Tower types:
1.25% for a Standard (Default) Energy UNIT
1.00% (or less) for a Slow (Retarded) Energy UNIT
2.5.%~8.33% for a Fast (Rapid) Energy UNIT
Arrow Tower 1 Arrow Towers N/A 1/12 UNIT
Magic Tower 9 Magic Towers N/A 1/12 UNIT
Stun has no impact on Energy
Cannon Tower 9 Cannon Towers N/A 1/12 UNIT
MagicGuild Magic Bureau 3
Energisation is proportional to the heroes Energy UNIT.
Spell Arrow Rain Arrow Rain N/A 1 UNIT? ?
Spell Disaster Disaster N/A 1 UNIT? ?
Spell Guardian Angel Guardian Angel N/A N/A ?
Spell Meteor Meteor N/A  1/3 UNIT TOTAL
1/18 UNIT p/DMG
A chance to DMG by 1/18UNIT 3 times per second over a 6 seconds period. For Standard (Default) Heroes, this will be 0.8333% (1/18 of 15%) per/DMG with a max potential of 5% total.
Spell Snowstorm Snowstorm N/A 1 UNIT? ?
Spell Windstorm Windstorm N/A 1 UNIT? ?
text-middle Hero Bomb traps N/A 0 Units?
Guardian Troops N/A 1/24 UNIT 0.625% for a Standard (Default) Energy UNIT
0.500% (or less) for a Slow (Retarded) Energy UNIT
1.250%~4.167% for a Fast (Rapid) Energy UNIT
Achievement petnum Pet ATK DMG 0 Units 1 UNIT? Pet ATK DMG's also result in energisation of target Heroes, Bosses and Demons.
? 0 Units 1 UNIT? ?
  1. 1.0 1.1 Hero's Energy UNIT: is typically 15%. Also note that these rules also often apply to Demons and Bosses.
  2. Pixie's ENERGY REDUCTION comes from its built in Talent Scatter Scatter talent and not from its proc, and so is NOT a proc nor DMG based ENERGY REDUCTION.
  3. DoT (Damage over Time): repeated DMG over a set period of time, eg, Ghoulem's skill DMG's nearby enemies every 0.4s over 5s. In this example, a hero being DMG'd will gain 1 UNIT every 0.4s.



Older material

There are reliability and accuracy issues with the following material.

It is in need of editing, verification and validation.

Energy indicates the time needed, until a Hero can use his Skill. It is displayed as a purple bar beneath the Hero's health bar.

  • Starting Energy: 0 or by Revitalize level.
  • Energy needed to fill the bar: 100[1]
  • Energy expended to Proc: 100 (Checked just before normal attack except for Autoproc)
  • Energy gained by hitting with a normal attack: 15 (Except Aries and Fast Energy Recovery)
  • Energy received when struck by a normal attack: 15 - attacker's Scatter effect.
  • Energy received when struck by a damaging proc: 15 or by special proc effect.
  • Energy received when struck by a tower: 11
  • Energy received when struck by troops: 1


Heroes gain 15 energy each time they make a successful normal attack (successful means it is not dodged). Heroes also gain 15 energy when receiving an attack or damaging proc from another hero. If an enemy's proc hits the hero multiple times, the hero gains 15 energy on each hit. Procs that never reduce hitpoints grant no energy (for example Shaman or Ice Demon). The energy bar has a maximum value of 100 and it must be full before a proc can occur. Therefore it takes six attacks to reach 90 energy, and seven attacks to reach 100 energy (the remaining 5 energy gets "lost"). The eighth attack activates the proc and provides 15 energy towards the next proc. On the next series you will start with 15 energy so it will only take 6 more attacks to reach 100 energy, and you will proc on the 7th attack. A proc is not able to activate until the energy bar is full and requires an auto-attack to activate (exception: Autoproc Heroes). Autoproc heroes proc after the seventh attack instead of the eighth.

If a proc activates and destroys the target leaving the hero with no available targets, then the hero is unable to follow the proc with a normal attack and thus is left at zero energy. This is most noticeable on heroes like Ninja or Thunder God who have high damage procs and short ranged normal attacks. Heroes with non-damaging procs (like Druid) can't return to a zero energy state on their own as they will always make a normal attack instantly after their proc.

When fighting the boss or arena you'll notice your hero takes 7 attacks to fill energy and it procs on the 8th, but then your hero only takes 6 more attacks to reach full energy before procing on the 7th attack. The issue here is that a proc resets your energy to 0 just an instant before your 8th attack. The 8th attack is actually the 1st attack of a new series, thus your hero gains 15 energy. Now we will count up to 7 and every 8th = 1st. In practice it appears like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, (proc)8, 2, 3... 7, (proc) 8, 2... So you see it always takes the same amount of attacks to reach full energy and proc. The only exception is when the target is eliminated from the proc resulting in no 8th attack. Then you'll have to start counting from 1 again instead of 2.

There is no situation where energy is carried over from a proc.You will never see a hero end with 5 or 10 energy after a proc unless that hero is being attacked by troops or towers. Heroes gain 1 energy per attack from Troops. Also keep in mind all these calculations assume there is no scatter, Cupid, Minotaur, or other influences.

Fast Energy Recovery:

Some Heroes have the attribute of Fast Energy Recovery, meaning they gain more than the standard 15 energy per attack received or delivered. In-game descriptions do not specify the amount of energy gained, and these amounts vary as listed below:

  • Harpy Queen gains 100 energy per attack received or delivered.
  • Phantom King will gain 100 energy per attack received or delivered.
  • Dread Drake gains 90 energy per attack received or delivered.
  • Grimfiend gains 30 energy per attack received or delivered.
  • Beast Tamer's Grizzly gains 50 energy per attack received or delivered.

Heroes with Fast Energy Recovery gain energy from Cupid and Valentina's buffs the same as other heroes. For example, Cupid's buff at skill level 10/10 will give 65 energy to Harpy Queen, not 100.

Aries gains only 12 energy per attack but 15 if he is receiving the attack. This means an Aries will take 10 attacks to proc as opposed to 8.

Source: Energy by ForceClosed