Equipment is a new method of upgrading Evolved heroes in the game. It resembles elements of the Inscription process and Talents with its own distinctions from both. Equipment is accessed via the Armory


To unlock equipment you must have a evolved hero of a particular type. Then, within the armory the option to unlock the 1st level of equipment will be available for that hero type.

Level Up

This is the first stage of progress on equipment. By using Aetherocks, you can level up the power of the equipment which increases the DMG and HP granted by the equipment. Each level costs progressively more Aetherocks to unlock to a maximum of level 20 (total 3,745,375 Aetherocks).


Aetherocks are the primary resource used to level up equipment in the Armory. They are acquired in 3 ways:
  1. You earn 1 Aetherock for every 200 EXP gained from any form of battle. This includes Dungeons, Raids, and Here Be Monsters, to a maximum of 75,000 per day.
  2. You can consume experience tomes at the Armory to convert them into Aetherocks. The conversion ration is 1 Aetherock per 5 XP granted by the tome (so Tome I converts to 200 Aetherocks, Tome 2 to 1000 Aetherocks, etc).
  3. You gain 15,000 Aetherocks daily. This amount does not need to be claimed and is simply directly added to your stockpile.

You can have a maximum of 5,000,000 Aetherocks in your stockpile.


Augmenting Stone
This is the second stage of progress on equipment. Once a piece of equipment has been brought to the maximum level of 20, the option to augment it will be made available. This augmentation costs one Augmenting StoneAugmenting Stone.png, purchased with 3000 fame Fame.png

Oath Tablet
You also need 2 hero duplicates. Hero can be replaced with 5 Oath TabletsOath Tablet.png (300 fame Fame.png for each tablet).There are 3 combinations:
  • 2 Hero duplicates
  • 1 Hero duplicate and 5 Oath Tablets (cost total of 1500 fame Fame.png)
  • No Hero duplicates and 10 Oath Tablets (cost total of 3000 fame Fame.png)

Once augmented two new powers are unlocked. The first is an equipment enchantment. These enchantments act much like talents specific to equipment, coming in 5 levels and various types. The next power is a collection of traits. These traits likewise come in 5 levels and various types, each increasing a particular stat.


Enchantment Forest Ward
Forest Ward
Enchantment Victory Lunge
Victory Lunge
Enchantment Death Sentence
Death Sentence
Enchantment Malaise
Enchantment Blinding Blow
Blinding Blow
Enchantment Cursed Battlefield
Cursed Battlefield
Enchantment Silencing Shot
Silencing Shot
Enchantment Energy Sap
Energy Sap
Enchantment Unbridled Fury
Unbridled Fury
Enchantment Sanctified Blast
Sanctified Blast
Enchantment Burning Plate
Burning Plate
Enchantment Blade Knight
Blade Knight
Enchantment Divine Templar
Divine Templar
Enchantment Pyremage

Enchantments, like talents, can be rerolled for 300 gems each roll.


Trait DMG Trait CRIT Trait CRIT Resist Trait HP Trait CRIT DMG Trait ACC Trait DODGE
1/5 +100 +20 (2,0%) +30 +4000 +220 (2,2%) +225 (2,25%) +150 (1,5%)
2/5 +180 +35 (3,5%) +52 +6000 +400 (4,0%) +360 (3,60%) +240 (2,4%)
3/5 +270 +50 (5,0%) +75 +9000 +650 (6,5%) +540 (5,40%) +360 (3,6%)
4/5 +370 +68 (6,8%) +100 +12000 +800 (8,0%) +750 (7,50%) +500 (5,0%)
5/5 +500 +90 (9,0%) +135 +15000 +1000 (10%) +975 (9,75%) +650 (6,5%)

A piece of equipment always has 6 Traits. These can be rerolled all at once using either 300 merits (for lvl 1-5 traits) or 150 gems (for lvl 2-5 traits). When rerolling you can choose to lock certain traits, but this increases the cost of the reroll (+5 gems for 1 lock, +15 gems for 2 locks, +50 gems for 3 locks, +300 gems for 4 locks, +1800 gems for 5 locks). Traits of the same stat type are stackable.

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