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IGG released a new features in the (Sept/Oct 2015) update, which enables Legendary 10 Star star Heroes to continue getting tougher and gain a new look.

Evolutionary Requirements Overview

Currently Legendary Heroes and Epic Heroes can be evolved and although  evolve, their Ico hp HP per level does not.

Also Harpy Queen is subject to an anomalous drop in her Ico hp HP base.

Evolving at Heroes Altar

Hero ready to evolve with shining Star Level


Hero ready to evolve showing the Evolve Button

A Hero must fulfil all the evolutionary (evo) Hero requirements before a it can be evolved. When a Hero is ready to evolve it will appear in the Heroes Altar with the its Star Level shining and the Hero will have Evolve where you typically see the Upgrade button:

EVO REQUIREMENTS: 1st Evolution (EVO1) 2nd Evolution (EVO2)
Required Hero
Star Stars and Level
10Star Level 180+
10Star Level 185+
Red Crystal Red Crystals 1,000 Red Crystal 2,000 Red Crystal
Evolution Rune Evolution Runes 1 Evolution Rune 5 Evolution Rune
Duplicate Heroes [1]
Shard Shards [2] [3]
1 duplicate (Legendary) [1]
20,000 Shard [2]
3 [3] duplicates (Legendary) [1]
3 x 20,000 Shard [2] [3]
HB HB Cost to Evolve HB HB
Upgrade requirements
for 10Star Stars
Before a Hero can be evolved, it must be 10Star Stars, which requires it to be Level 180, 9Star Stars and needs the following:
  • A minimum of 550Fire Fire (Dungeon flames)
  • 400,000HB HB and 5,000,000Gold Gold
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The duplicate Hero must be the same type (ie Druid for evolving Druid), can be of any level or a Hero Card of that type (ie Druid for Druid) but not a Legendary Hero Card (LHC) / Specialized Legendary Card (SLHC).
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Shards can be are used in place of a Hero. If the Hero that can be obtainable by Shards Shard and the hire cost is under 20,000Shard, rather than 20,000Shard, the amount will be equal to their Shards Shard hire costs (ie, 1,800 Shard for Druid, 6,000 Shard for Atlanticore).
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Where more than 1 hero is required a combination of  Shard Shards (up to 60,000 Shard in place 3 Heroes) and Heroes can be used (ie 1x Hero + 40,000 Shard [2x 20,000 Shard]).

Basic Evolved Hero Overview[]

Change from Standard 1st Evolution (EVO1) 2nd Evolution (EVO2)
Start Level 1 1
Star Start Star Level Star 4 Stars Star 5 Stars
First level up Level 80 100
HB First HB leveling cost 20,000 HB
(default star level)
30,000 HB
(default star level)
Ico hp Health Points
     (average increase)
2.40x - 1.88x Ico hp levels 80 - 200
1.50 [1]Ico hp per level 
1.40 x Ico hp per Star
4.36x - 3.34x Ico hp levels 80 - 200 
2.25 [1] Ico hp per level 
2.80 x Ico hp per Star
Ico attack Damage
     (average increase)
1.51x - 1.33x Ico attack level 80 - 200
1.00 x Ico attack per level
1.40 x Ico attack per Star
2.31x - 2.05x Ico attack level 80 - 200
1.00 x Ico attack per level 
2.80 x Ico attack per Star
Ico movespeed Move Speed Base Ico movespeed Unchanged
(default equivalent hero Star Star level speed)
Ico attackspeed Attack Speed Ico attackspeed Unchanged
HB Total HB cost to 10 Stars 800,000 HB 780,000 HB
Might Might
(average increase)
1.26 x Might Level
1.33 x Might Skill
1.52 x Might Level
1.67 x Might Skill
Ico exp Experience Leveling Unchanged
Ico exp Existing Experience
      before evolution
All experience gained above (and including) level 180/185
is returned in Blessed Tome-II Blessed Tome II exp books (500k Ico exp per book)
rounded up to the nearest 500,000 Ico exp
See Returned Books from Evolution on this page for more details.
Ico hp Evo level to Match[2]
Original HP (approx)
66 - 68 to match[2]
original 180 's Ico hp
57 - 60 to match[2]
original evo1 185's Ico hp
Ico attack Evo level to match
Original DMG (approx)
132 - 135 to match
original 180's Ico attack
120 / 6 Stars to match
original evo1 185's Ico attack
MightEvo level to Match
Original Might (approx)
119 - 121 to match
original 180's Might
134 - 136 to match
original evo1 185's Might
  1. 1.0 1.1 Use 1 x for for the Ico hp HP per level as this remains unchanged for these heroes (ie 1 x Ico hp per level) and NOT 1.50x or 2.25x.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Ico hp HP match levels only apply to type 1 heroes and exclude the heroes .

The initial Ico movespeed move speed will drop to the 4 Star speed for evo1 and 5 Star speed for evo2.

The returned books Blessed Tome II must be claimed from your mailbox within 7 days.

Evo Generation Comparison

Comparing Evolution Generations showing the averaged differences

Returned Books from Evolution[]

Blessed Tome II

When a hero is evolved, any experience above the minimum evo level (180 for evo1, 185 for evo2) is returned in Blessed Tome-II Blessed Tome II exp books (500k Ico exp per book) with that experience rounded up to the nearest 500k Ico exp.

The following tables shows the minimum number of books that are returned for each level, what level these books can level a new hero to and for each level where the next 500k Ico exp break starts on that level (add 500k steps to this number to find where the subsequent breaks start, ie for 183 the first break is 313,501 Ico exp, so the next break will be at 313,501 + 500,000, the next at 313,501 + 2 x 500,000 etc).

Downloadable Tables for Returned Books
Evo1 Books

Books returned from Evo1

Evo2 Books

Books returned from Evo2

Star Leveling Up Heroes[]

Honor Badges are also used to increase the Star level of a hero, which raises it's maximum level capacity:

Star 1
Non evolved Hero Evo1 Hero Evo2 Hero
Level Range Total
Level Range Total
Level Range Total
1 Star - 1 - 20 - (4Star) - (5Star) -
2 Star 1,000 HB 20 - 40 1,000HB (4Star) - (5Star) -
3 Star 3,000 HB 40 - 60 4,000HB (4Star) - (5Star) -
4 Star 10,000 HB 60 - 80 14,000HB 1 - 80 - (5Star) -
5 Star 20,000 HB 80-100 34,000HB 80-100 20,000HB 1-100 -
6 Star 30,000 HB 100-120 64,000HB 100-120 50,000HB 100-120 30,000HB
7 Star 50,000 HB 120-140 114,000HB 120-140 100,000HB 120-140 80,000HB
8 Star 100,000 HB 140-160 214,000HB 140-160 200,000HB 140-160 180,000HB
9 Star 200,000 HB 160-180 414,000HB 160-180 400,000HB 160-180 380,000HB
10 Star 400,000 HB 180-200 814,000HB 180-200 800,000HB 180-200 780,000HB

How to work out Evolution DMG and HP from Hero Info Stats:[]

Use the "Base Evo Stats (Level Up)" shown in a Hero's "Info Box" (found at the top right of each Hero's page) to calculate a Hero's damage (DMG Ico attack) and Hit/Health Points (HP Ico hp) for a given Hero Level:

Spirit Mage
Base Evo1 Stats (Level Up)
Damge: [669+] 378 (+13)
Hitpoints: [10230+] 1680 (+90)
Evo Base + ( Evo per Star * Stars ) + ( Evo per Level * Level )

Spirit Mage example with Ico attack Damage: [669+] 378 (+13) and Ico hp Hitpoints:[10230+] 1680 (+90):

Ico attack  DMG   = 669 + ( 378 * Stars ) + ( 13 * Level )
Ico hp HP  = 10230 + (1680 * Stars ) + ( 90 * Level )
  • Make sure to include the "Evo Base" amount shown in the "[ ... ]"
  • Please note that with the evolution calculations you do not use a level minus one.
  • Ensure to use the star value shown on the hero - first evolution hero's start at 4 stars and second evolution at 5 stars.

Formulas for Calculating a Hero's Evo Stats[]

Evolved Heroes Star level evolve from level 1 with 3 + evolution generation Stars. This means that the Hero's Stars will not increase until the evolved Hero reaches the relevant level to Star level, ie, level 80 to go above 4 Stars, level 100 to go above 5 Stars.

Evolved Heroes still follow the standard stats formula with these exceptions:

  1. The Hero's HP and DMG now include a base amount (not a standard base stat).
  2. The Hero's Stars start at 3 + evolution generation Starsi.e. first evolution starts at 4 Stars and second evolution starts at 5 Stars.
  3. The Hero's Stars do not start increasing until the hero reaches the relevant level to Star level.
  4. Standard Star leveling will not start until the hero reaches the relevant star level which is 80 for evo1 and 100 for evo2.
  5. Evolved Heroes have their own evolved base level up base stats, but, there are formulas that can use the standard base stats.

This now means that calculating evolved stats includes the Hero's unique fixed base as well as new base stats(be careful not to confuse base with base stats) which is typically shown in [x+] in the Hero's Info Box" and Stars will not start to increase until the Hero reaches 4 or more Stars.

EVO First Evolution (EVO1) Second Evolution (EVO2)
Ico attack EVO DAMAGE (DMG):
  Evo Ico attackDMG per Level  UNCHANGED (standard hero DMG per Level)
  Evo Ico attackDMG per StarStar Round( 1.4 * standard DMG per Star ) Round( 2.8 * standard DMG per Star )
  Evo Ico attackDMG BASE  INT( DMG per Star * 0.6
+ DMG per Level * 39 )
INT( DMG per Star * 0.12
+ DMG per Level * 47)
Ico attack EVO DMG Evo DMG Base + Evo DMG per Level * Level
+ Evo DMG per Star * Stars
  Evo Ico hpHP per Level  INT( 1.5 * standard HP per Level ) INT( 2.25 * standardHP per Level )
  Evo Ico hpHP per StarStar Round( 1.4 * standard HP per Star ) Round( 2.8 * standard HP per Star )
  Evo Ico hpHP BASE  RoundUp( HP per Star * 3.6
+ HP per Level * 98.5 )
RoundUp( HP per Star * 6
+ HP per Level * 197.75)
Ico hp EVO HP Evo HP Base + Evo HP per Level * Level
+ Evo HP per Star  * Stars
Might Might INT( Level 6.3 + Skill Level * 78
+ Talent Level * 20​
+ (MOV SPD-198) * ( Level / 180 )  )
INT( Level * 7.6 + Skill Level * 97.5
+ Talent Level * 20​
+ (MOV SPD-198) * ( Level / 180 )  )

To calculate evo1 hero stats, use the following:[]

  • Evo1 DMG = EVO1 DMG Base + EVO1 DMG Level Up per Star * Stars + EVO1 DMG Level Up per Level * Level
  • Evo1 HP = EVO1 HP Base + EVO1 HP Level Up per Star * Stars + EVO1 HP Level Up per Level * Level

Comparing Hero First Evolution to its Standard Counterpart:[]

The evo1 heroes' stats have many advantages over their counterparts including starting out with a massive base making them up to around 3.0x - 1.88x HP and about 1.6x - 1.33x DMG than their counterparts. But this is partially offset by Star leveling up increases not starting until the Hero reaches 5 Stars.

Evo1 HP and Evo1 DMG are larger than its equivalent counterpart but the biggest increase is with HP with DMG being much smaller increase.

For HP, an evo1 hero at level 66e1-68e1 will typically be match the HP of its level 180 counterpart and 132e1-135e1 for DMG. But at 66e1-68e1 an evo1's hero DMG will still be well under will that of the level 180, but rather be close to that of level 104-110. It is not until an evo1 hero gets to level 132e1 that its DMG becomes a close match for its counterpart at level 180.

In battle simulations an evo1 level of between 100e1 and 120e1 typically matches its level 180 counterpart. But this does vary from hero to hero with some heroes able to match at 100e1 and others only barely at 120e1.

First Evolution Requirements:[]

- Hero must reach 10 Stars (at least level 180 Star)

- 1 Evolution Rune (can be obtained by spending 1000 Fame Fame collected from Lost Battlefield)

- 1,000 Red Crystals Red Crystal

- 1 duplicate of the same Hero, you can provide the duplicate by 3 ways:

  1. Selecting the same Hero from the Heroes Altar (before, unlock the Hero and remove all the Crests)
  2. Selecting the same Hero Card from the Warehouse
  3. Providing Shards instead of a Hero duplicate while:
  • For Heroes that can be obtained by Shards Shard you will need to provide the amount of the Hero cost

All Experience gained by the hero after reaching level 180 (10 Stars) will be returned in Bless Tome experience books (500,000 exp), typically rounded up to the nearest 500,000 exp.

Second Evolution Requirements:[]

- Hero must reach 10 Stars of the first Evolution system

- 5 Evolution Runes

- 2,000 Red Crystals

- 3 duplicates of the same Hero

If Hero has a higher level than 185, the Experience gained after reaching 185 will be returned in Bless Tome || experience books (500,000 exp).

Honor Badges aren't used for evolving heroes but they will be used to level them up.


Non-Evolved versus Evolved, EVO1 versus EVO2[]

Evo1 versus Standard
Evo1 versus Standard at level 180 
Evo2 versus Standard
Evo2 versus Evo1
Evolve Evo2 versus Evo1@185

Evolution Compare: Evo2 versus Evo1 @ level 185

Evo2 versus Evo1 at level 185: Comparing Evo2 (all levels) to Evo1 at level 185 to see differences in the evolution from evo1 level 185 to evo2.