All that stands in the path of a dragon's breath is razed to the ground regardless of how well the beast brushed that morning.

The Fairy Dragon is a Tier 3 Magic Troop. It targets Ground and Air units.

It can't be targeted by Ground units or the Cannon Tower.


Level Skin Damage Hitpoints Hiring Cost (Mana) Upgrade Cost (Gold) Might Increase Upgrade Time
1 Fairy Dragon 1 580 1,450 4,800 Mana.png - 150 -
2 660 1,700 5,760 Mana.png 1,003,200Gold.png 180 12d18h10m
3 Fairy Dragon 2 740 1,950 6,720 Mana.png 1,562,000Gold.png 210 15d7h24m
4 820 2,050 7,680 Mana.png 2,070,000Gold.png 240 18d8h53m
5 Fairy Dragon 3 900 2,300 8,640 Mana.png 3,340,000Gold.png 270 22d1h3m

Fairy Dragon Design History

Fairy Dragon Fairy Dragon v1.2.27
Current v1.2.27 and earlier
Fairy Dragon Icon Fairy Dragon Icon v1.2.27
Current Icon Icon v1.2.27 and earlier

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