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Gems Gem are the premium currency of Castle Clash. They can be used to buy Gold Gold, Mana Mana, Honor Badges HB, Heroes and additional Builders. Gems can also be used to rush building and upgrading time, to revive heroes and to roll for new Talents. Gems may also be earned through Achievements, Daily Reward and Earn Gems. Gems can't be used to buy Hero Shards Shard, but using Gems on some special IGG events gives a random chance to receive Shards. You can also use gems to buy Dungeon entires, and Lost Realm Entries.

The best use of Gems Gem is probably buying random Heroes or rolling for talents once you have all the Heroes you want. A hero bought with Gems will be more likely to be Elite and Legendary than one bought with Honor Badges. Rolling random Heroes with Gems is the only way to get gem-only Heroes which are, Vlad Dracula, Orksbane, Santa Boom, Pixie, Dread Drake, Ghoulem, Candy Kane, Valentina, Medusa, Dracax, Beast Tamer, and Grimfiend.

If you want to increase the Skill level of a hero, it is more effective to sacrifice a hero bought with Shards Shard than with Gems.

Purchasing Gems[]

Gems Gem can be purchased either by clicking the "Purchase button" next to your Gem amount in the top right corner of the screen, or by opening the Shop and clicking on "Treasure".

The current rates, without any sales, is as follows230

Dollar ($) 1.99 4.99 0.00 19.99 49.99 99.99 218.99
Gems 230 Gem 600 Gem 1,400 Gem 3,000 Gem 7,800 Gem 16,800 Gem 39,800 Gem
Gems / Dollar 116 120 140 150 156 168 182
Euro (€) 1.50 3.76 7.52 15.04 37.62 75.25
Gems 230 Gem 600 Gem 1,400 Gem 3,000 Gem 7,800 Gem 16,800 Gem
Gems / Euro 153 160 186 199 207 223
GBP (£) 1.29 3.24 6.49 12.99 32.47 64.95
Gems 230 Gem 600 Gem 1,400 Gem 3,000 Gem 7,800 Gem 16,800 Gem
Gems/GBP 178 185 216 231 240 259

Gem Gifts[]

For purchasing Gems Gem, you are granted with "Gifts", accessed by clicking the Gift Box icon below your current Honor Badge HB amount. Any Gems earned through offers are added to the total towards your Gem Gifts. Your first purchase of Gems grants you an additional 200 Gems here. All Heroes granted as gifts have a random Talent, just like Heroes obtained through other means. Completing offers for free Gems Gem, such as using Tapjoy, will count as "purchasing" them. You also get 30 Shards Shard daily if you buy at least 230 Gems Gem.

Note: This is the only way to obtain the Spirit Mage and Minotaur Chieftain Hero. The bare minimum possibly spent to get the Spirit Mage is $300, without factoring in special sales or offers, by buying the $99.99 Gem package three times. The most you could spend $436, by getting the $1.99 Gem package 218 times. The same for Minotaur Chieftain with $750 - $900 with and without sale events.

Gems Gem purchased 230Gem 600Gem 3,000Gem 15,000Gem 50,000Gem 90,000Gem 150,000Gem 300,000Gem
Hero obtained Angel
Crystal Ooze
Crystal Ooze
Gelatinous Champion
Gelatinous Champion
Spirit Mage
Spirit Mage
- Minotaur Chieftain
Minotaur Chieftain
Honor Badges HB 3,000HB 10,000HB 20,000HB 30,000HB 50,000HB 80,000HB -


Hero Honor


Talent Items Tomes Shards
230Gem Angel 3000 -
600Gem Crystal Ooze 10,000 -
3,000Gem Pain-Da 20,000 -
15,000Gem Gelatinous Champion 30,000 -
50,000Gem Spirit Mage
Spirit Mage
50,000 -
90,000Gem - 80,000 -
100,000Gem Lvl 5 Talent Chest
120,000Gem - - Lvl 6 Rune x2
140,000Gem Lvl 6 Rune x2
150,000Gem Minortaur Chieftain
Minotaur Chieftain
- -
160,000Gem - - Lvl 6 Rune x2
180,000Gem Lvl 6 Rune x2
200,000Gem 50x Exp Book III
210,000Gem Lvl 6 Rune x2
240,000Gem Lvl 7 Rune x2
250,000Gem 100x Exp Book III
270,000Gem Lvl 7 Rune x2
300,000Gem Destroyer
Lvl 7 Rune x2
330,000Gem Lvl 7 Rune x2
350,000Gem HC Spirit Mage
Spirit Mage Card
370,000Gem Lvl 7 Rune x2
400,000Gem 100x Blessed Tome I
410,000Gem Lvl 8 Rune x2
450,000Gem HC Minotaur Chieftain
Minotaur Chieftain Card
Lvl 8 Rune x2
490,000Gem Lvl 8 Rune x2
500,000Gem 50x Blessed Tome II
530,000Gem Lvl 8 Rune x2
600,000Gem Destroyer
Destroyer Card
Lvl 8 Rune x2
650,000Gem 6000Shard
700,000Gem HC Spirit Mage
Spirit Mage Card
Lvl 5 Talent


750,000Gem 9000Shard
800,000Gem HC Spirit Mage
Spirit Mage Card
850,000Gem 12000Shard
900,000Gem HC Spirit Mage
Spirit Mage Card
1,000,000Gem HC Minotaur Chieftain
Minotaur Chieftain Card
1,100,000Gem HC Minotaur Chieftain
Minotaur Chieftain Card
1,200,000Gem HC Minotaur Chieftain
Minotaur Chieftain Card
Lvl 6 Rune x5
1,300,000Gem Destroyer
Destroyer Card
Lvl 7 Rune x5
1,400,000Gem Destroyer
Destroyer Card
Lvl 8 Rune x5
1,500,000Gem Destroyer
Destroyer Card
Lvl 5 Talent


Gem Uses[]

Gems Gem are a highly useful currency. They can:

  • Generate random high quality Heroes, often (approximately 5%) Legendary.
  • Automatically finish an upgrade on a building.
  • Automatically finish the construction of a building.
  • Automatically finish the upgrade of Spells and Troops.
  • Generate 5 more dungeon attempts. Note: This only refills five attempts, it doesn't give you more tries than five in the long term which costs 100 Gems Gem
  • Remove waiting times when producing troops with an Army Camp.
  • Revive Heroes instantly after battle (10 Gems Gem).
  • Purchase "Shields" which prevent you from being attacked (Wooden Shield=10h= 300Gem; Iron Shield=24h= 600Gem; Golden Shield=72h= 1500Gem).
  • Purchase more builders for upgrading more buildings at once (third costs 500Gem, fourth costs 1000Gem, fifth costs 2000Gem).
  • Purchase Gold Gold or Mana Mana in the Shop.
  • Purchase 1,000 Honor badges HB (once a day only) for 50 Gems Gem.
  • Purchase Decorations for your base.
  • Generate a new Hero talent to replace the previous one (300Gem).
  • Instantly completing a quest in Quest Board (10 Gem, 20 Gem and 50 Gem respectively).
  • Re-roll sets of items in Warehouse (100 Gem first, 300 Gem from the second time).
  • Refreshing stamina on Lost Realm.
  • Buying slots on Warehouse
  • Buying slots in Heroes Altar

Gem Cost to Level Up Instantly[]

If the time remaining to level up is h hours, including fractions of hours, then the cost in gems to level up instantly is:

The number of gems is rounded up to the next whole number.

This means that there is a baseline cost of 5 gems per hour (or 120 gems per day) plus an additional cost of up to 250 gems. This additional cost ramps up more steeply at the beginning, so it is more efficient to spend gems on longer level-up times. At 50 hours the additional cost is 1/2 of 250 gems, at 100 hours it is 2/3 of 250 gems, at 150 hours it is 3/4 of 250 gems, and so on.

Looking at the slope of this function, it starts out at a rate of 10 gems per hour and gradually decreases, approaching 5 gems per hour.

Level Up Time Remaining Gems Required To Finish
10s 0 Gem
1m 0 Gem
5m 0 Gem
15m 3 Gem
30m 5 Gem
1h 10 Gem
2h 20 Gem
4h 39 Gem
8h 75 Gem
12h 109 Gem
1d 202 Gem
2d 363 Gem
3d 508 Gem
4d 645 Gem
5d 777 Gem
6d 906 Gem
7d 1033 Gem
8d 1159 Gem
10d 1407 Gem

1654 Gem

15d 2020 Gem