Mountain of gold

Gold Gold.png is acquired by clearing Dungeons , completing a challenge of Here Be Monstersraiding other players, completing quests in Quest Board, collecting from your Gold Mines and/or by opening Gold Packs which can be obtained from Lost Realm, Warehouse, and by collecting Daily Rewards.

It is used to purchase and upgrade many types of buildings (such as the Town Hall, Mana Mills, and Walls). It is also required to research Spells, buy Traps and to upgrade Troops and Heroes

A very small amount is consumed every time you initiate an attack against another player, whether you use the random attack button or pick someone in the leaderboard ranking. The same amount is used to switch between random players using the Next button.

Beginning from the 2014 Valentine’s Day Update, players can purchase decorative Statues with Gold Gold.png

With the release of Quest Board, Gold Gold.png is also used for Donation Quest with the amount depending on Might Might.png.

  • In case of shortage in Gold Gold.png, you can purchase some in Shop given the amount of each sets of gold being sold by means of Gems Gem.png. You can have an option to buy 10%, 50% or fill in the Vault with a certain amount of Gems.
  • With the new update in version v1.2.52, you can now purchase Gold Gold.png in 3 different packages by means of Merits Merit.png depending upon certain amount in Warehouse.


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