Summons an angel's protection, granting invulnerability to a number of friendly troops (including heroes) in the area for 6 seconds.

  • There is a magic similar to this that is used in Boss Battle .
  • Atlanticore will not reflect any damage when he is under the effect of this spell.
  • Upgrading this magic will not increase the duration of invincibility.

Purchased Guardian Angel



Level Unlocks at Relic Hall Cost (Gold) Level Up Time: Level Up Cost (Gold) Invincible Troops Duration Might
1 8 10,000Gold.png 1d 22h 34m 190,000Gold.png 6 6s 30
2 9 15,000Gold.png 2d 15h 53m 230,000Gold.png 8 8s 90
3 10 20,000Gold.png 3d 13h 2m 380,000Gold.png 10 10s 180
4 11 25,000Gold.png 5d 20h 21m 630,000Gold.png 12 12s 300
5 12 30,000Gold.png 14 14s 450

Guardian Angel Levels


Here are the Levels for Guardian Angel

Unlock8 Guardian1 Guardian2 Guardian3 Guardian4 Guardian5
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