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Guild Wars is a mode added for player involved with their guilds.

This allows the player to support their guild by fighting 4 different guilds in a time frame of 24 hours every Thursday and Sunday.

Requirements: the guild has to be in the top 4000 in might Might to participate in guild wars.

Rules [1]

Ranking is a set of 5 guilds. the total amount of each guild will set their rank From the best to the worse.

Rewards There's 2 different rewards ;

First ,10% of the guild points will be rewarded as guild creditsCredit.

The second reward is FameFame from the guild points a player gathered for their guild. Bonus Honor BadgesHB will be rewarded for each player's rank in their guild.

The amount of FameFame rewarded is equal to the guild points a player earned multiplied by 0.3 and multiplied by the guild rank bonus shown in the table below. For example if you got 1200 points, and your guild got the 3rd place, you will be rewarded with 1200*0.3*1.2 = 432 FameFame.

Guild Rank Bonus FameFame [1]
First Place 50%
Second Place 30%
Third Place 20%
Fourth Place 10%
Fifth Place 0%
Rank Within Guild Honor badgesHB[1]
1 10,000
2 to 5 7,300
6 to 10 5,100
11 to 20 3,400
21 to 50 2,200
51 to 75 1,500
Did not participate 0

Much like the RaidsAttack player , the player must destroy or at least 50% of an enemy base to give points to their guild. For 1 "Flame" you get 50% of the reward points. For 2 "Flames" you get 70% of the reward points and for 3 "Flames" you get 100% of the reward points. Once 5 attempts used the player cannot receive more tries and the total every guild member gathered will be counted to a total of point for their guild. If you attack but do not successfully get even 1 "Flame", then it is not counted as an attempt and all your dead heroes are revived.

The heroes defeated during a battle that was won can be revived normally , Exactly like if they would die in a RaidAttack player or Here Be MonstersDinosaur.

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