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Here Be Demon (HBD) is a two-player boss battle in Lost Realm. It is a feature where players can challenge Demon, the Lost Realm Boss.
Each Here Be Demon challenger is given 5 chances 5 chances which can be used to defeat Demon with in 2 hours of battle.The chances to beat the Demon refill themselves during the two hour period. It takes 20 minutes to refill one chance to beat the Demon.

Here be demon cue

The challenge pops out of the Lost Realm tiles randomly with the sign of the golden question mark Cue which indicates an event in the Lost Realm. Note that all of these question marks don't indicate that there is a boss, as it might also be a merchant or a treasure trove. The challenge can also pop out when defeating enemies or opening chests in the Lost Realm.

HBD challenge
Demon challenge

Players can pick one friend or guild member from the 10 highest might players from their guild or friends list to join the boss battle. Once player picks one, the same player can't be chosen for 30 minutes, regardless of if the player kills a boss or not. The next Demon challenge can appear right after you defeat first Demon, there isn't any cool down. - but attack chances will not be reset to full. 

Note that if the boss was not killed at the first attempt players have the chance to refill the chances given since the timer is two hours. Each refill will take action within the two hours only given that the player doesn't defeat the boss. 


There are few known abilities this boss has and they are listed below:

  • Huge Damage: Hits 1 Nearby Target for X Damage.
  • Deflects Damage: Deflects all Damage for X Seconds.
  • Reduces Damage: Reduces all Damage to 0 for X Seconds.
  • Stuns Targets: Stuns Nearby Targets for X Seconds and Deals Y Damage.


Along with the above abilities there is a chance that a Demon will spawn with Mobs. These Mobs are two heroes with same level as Demon. Known appearances are: Vlad Dracula, Moltanica, Minotaur Chieftain, Atlanticore.


The player you chose to play with doesn't get any rewards. Once the boss is defeated, the usual reward is a mythic crest bagCrest Bag Mythicand a random amount of red crystalsRed Crystal (400 - 1200).

Demon loot