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! colspan="3" style=background:#E8E8E8;| Heroes for Shards [[File:shard.png|20x20]]
! colspan="3" style=background:#E8E8E8;| Heroes for Shards
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Here is a list with all heroes, their abilities and how to get them.

Legendary (gems only)

Name Skill Cost
Pumpkin Duke Icon.png
Pumpkin Duke
Skill Celebrate.png
Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 10% for 8 secs.
Snowzilla Icon.png
Skill Snowball Fight.png
Snowball Fight
Deals 75% DMG every 0.5 secs to one nearby enemy for 4 secs and slows that enemy by 10% for 5 secs.
Cupid Icon.png
Skill Cupid’s Arrow.png
Cupid’s Arrow
Increases friendly Heroes' Energy by 10 and DMG by 10% for 6 secs. Cooldown: 6 secs.
Aries Icon.png
Skill Calamity.png
Deals DMG equal to 120% ATK to three Heroes, reducing their Energy by 20 and inflicting Silence for 1s. Cooldown: 7s
Vlad Dracula Icon.png
Vlad Dracula
Skill Blood Banquet.png
Blood Banquet
Summons bats for 4 secs to bite nearby enemies and restores HP. Causes 70% DMG and inflicts Fear for 1.5 secs. Cooldown: 6 secs.
Orksbane Icon.png
Skill Savage Swing.png
Savage Swing
Deals 160% DMG and slows enemies by 75%. Restores nearby allies HP by 50% DMG dealt. (Immune to Coma and Horror.)
Santa Boom Icon.png
Santa Boom
Skill Fireworks Bazooka.png
Fireworks Bazooka
Deals 100% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.)
Pixie Icon.png
Skill Petal Dance.png
Petal Dance
Deals 60% ATK at 3 foes & removes buffs. Heals 3 allies for 60% ATK & removes debuffs. CD: 10s. Has Lv 5 Scatter.
Death Knight Icon.png
Death Knight
Skill Meteor Slash.png
Meteor Slash
Deals 160% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 8s. Has Lv 5 Revive.
Warlock Icon.png
Skill Fire Shield.png
Fire Shield
Deals 150% ATK to 3 foes & reduces their MOV SPD by 40% for 6s. Lets 3 allies deflect 10% DMG & have immunity to one debuff for 5s. CD: 7s.
Treantaur Icon.png
Skill Battle Hymn.png
Battle Hymn
Lets 2 allies take 10% less damage for 5 secs. During battle, temporarily revives 2 allies with 20% HP (once per Hero). Cooldown: 6 secs.
Harpy Queen Icon.png
Harpy Queen
Skill Plume Blast.png
Plume Blast
Deals 100% DMG to 3 targets, reducing their ATK, ATK SPD, and MOV SPD by 10% for 3s. Has Lv 5 Revitalize and fast Energy recovery. CD: 2s.
Skull Knight Icon.png
Skull Knight
Skill Vengeful Sword.png
Vengeful Sword
Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 350% and limits DMG taken to 12,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s.
Dread Drake Icon.png
Dread Drake
Skill Cannon Blast.png
Cannon Blast
Deals 90% DMG to 4 random targets & stuns them for 1.5s. Negates 45% of DMG taken for 2.5s. Has Lv 5 Revitalize & fast Energy recovery. CD:3s.
Ghoulem Icon.png
Skill Spirit Summon.png
Spirit Summon
Deals DMG equal to 60% ATK to nearby enemies over 5s. Also restores HP equal to 120% ATK to allies & reduces their DMG taken by 10% for 5s. This Hero is also immune to Stun and Fear. Cooldown: 7s.
Candy Kane Icon.png
Candy Kane
Skill Sweet Revenge.png
Sweet Revenge
Deals DMG equal to 80% ATK to two random enemies on the field, reducing their Energy by 18. Also increases the Dodge rate of an ally with lowest HP by 10% for 1s. Hero has Lv 8 Scorch. Cooldown: 5s.
Valentina Icon.png
Skill Love Cyclone.png
Love Cyclone
Removes Silence from nearby allies, restoring their Energy by up to 24 over 2s and increasing their CRIT Resist Rate by 5% for 3.5s. Hero is immune to Silence and conditions caused by Aries's skill Calamity (Hero will still take DMG from the skill). Cooldown: 6s.
Beast Tamer Icon.png
Beast Tamer
Skill Deafening Roar.png
Deafening Roar
Deals DMG equal to 90% ATK to nearby enemies. For 9s, targets take 10% more DMG and Grizzly takes 20% less DMG. Grizzly always enters battle with Beast Tamer. Cooldown: 12s. Grizzly's skill allows Beast Tamer to take 20% less DMG and greatly increases his CRIT Rate for 3.5s. Grizzly has Lv 8 Heavy Blow. Cooldown: 5s.
Lady Leo Icon.png
Lady Leo
Skill Judgment.png
Deals DMG equal to 55% ATK to the target and enemies near it every 0.5s for 3s. Also stuns them for 1s. Hero has Lv 8 Bulwark. Cooldown: 3s.
Grimfiend Icon.png
Skill Possession.png
Original Form: Recovers HP equal to 600% ATK and transforms into a demon. Gains +30% ATK and stun immunity for 12s. Cooldown: 15s
Demon Form: Deals DMG equal to 140% ATK to enemies in front and removes their buffs. Cooldown: 3s. (Hero has Lv 8 Berserk)
Dracax Icon.png
Skill Whirling Ax.png
Whirling Ax
Deals 120% ATK DMG to nearby enemies over 5s and reduces the healing they receive by 20%. Also deals 70% ATK DMG to the enemy Hero with the least remaining HP. Hero has Lv 8 Deadly Strike. Cooldown: 7s.
Medusa Icon.png
Skill Twin Hex.png
Twin Hex
Casts a hex on two random areas. Deals 120% DMG over 6s to enemies in those areas. One hex Petrifies enemies for 1s. The other reduces enemy Heroes' Energy by 26. Attacks hit multiple targets. Cooldown: 8s.
Trixie Treat Icon.png
Trixie Treat
Skill Dirty Tricks.png
Dirty Tricks
Deals 100% ATK DMG to five random targets and removes their buffs. Also summons two Lv 20 Pumpkies for 15s. Cooldown: 10s. Hero has Lv 8 War God. Pumpkie's skill deals 100% ATK DMG to a nearby enemy and reduces their energy by 16. Cooldown: 3s. Pumpkie has Lv 8 Self Destruct and cannot be revived.
Revenant Icon.png
Skill Double Trouble.png
Double Trouble
Deals 140% ATK DMG to four nearby targets, inflicting Stun for 3s. Also summons Doppel for 12s. Cooldown: 15s. Hero is immune to Energy Reduction effects.
Doppel's skill deals 140% Doppel ATK DMG to four nearby targets, inflicting Stun for 3s. Also heals the allied Hero with the lowest HP by 260% Doppel ATK, reducing their DMG taken by 20% for 4s. Cooldown: 5s. Doppel has Lv 8 Berserk.
Lil Nick Icon.png
Lil Nick
Skill Ring-a-Ling.png
Increases own ATK by 100% and CRIT Rate by 15% for 9s. Cooldown: 12s. Also has Frostbite Talent, which deals 100% ATK DMG to 15 targets every 6s, freezing them for 1s.
Michael Icon.png
Skill Divinity.png
Deflects 16% DMG taken for 6s. Also increases ATK and ATK SPD of 6 allied Heroes by 18% for 8s. Cooldown: 8s. When attacked, Hero has 50% chance of summoning an Archangel for 8s. Cooldown: 10s. Archangel does not take damage and is immune to Stun and Fear.
Heartbreaker Icon.png
Skill Heart Attack.png
Heart Attack
Deals 50% ATK DMG to 2 nearby enemy targets every 0.3s for 4s and reduces their Energy by 20. Also restores HP equal to 15% of DMG dealt. Cooldown: 4s. Critical hits from skill and basic attacks deal 2.5x DMG. Heartbreaker is permanently immune to Stun and Fear.
Anubis Icon.png
Skill Horror Show.png
Horror Show
Deals 80% ATK DMG to a maximum of 100 enemies and reduces their ATK by 15% for 10s. Cooldown: 8s. Hero also transforms for 12s, gaining immunity to Silence and Calamity, reducing DMG received by 20%, and reducing Skill cooldown to 5s. Deals additional DMG to all enemies equal to 1% of their Max HP. (Hero can revive 3 times, each time with 80% HP. Revive Talent and Revive Crest have no effect.)
Ronin Icon.png
Skill Hidden Zen.png
Hidden Zen
Slashes enemies in front of the Hero every 0.5s for 3s, dealing a total of 140% ATK DMG. Cooldown: 4s. This Hero is Elusive for 4.5s every 6s. (When Elusive, Hero is undetectable by enemy troops, Totems and Traps, and is immune to all ATK DMG and Conditions. Also increases Hero's CRIT Rate by 90%.)
Gunslinger Icon.png
Skill Trick Shot.png
Trick Shot
Deals 160% ATK DMG to a random enemy target, and reduces received healing by 10% for 2s. Hero takes 15% less DMG for 2s, and summons a Warflyer for 12s. (Cooldown: 3s. This Hero gains 25 Energy every second.) The Warflyer's skill targets the enemy with the lowest HP percentage, inflicting Coma for 1s and dealing a total of 300% Warflyer ATK DMG to all enemy targets in that area. (Warflyer is Elusive and has Lv5 Scatter. In defense battles, Warflyer ignores Hero Base range.)
Rockno Icon.png
Skill Rhino Rage.png
Rhino Rage
Hero transforms into a rhino, recovering HP equal to 60% ATK every 0.5s for 12s. (Cooldown: 14s). While transformed: Hero deals up to a total of 420% ATK DMG to the surrounding area for 3s. Has 50% chance to reduce 18 Energy from each enemy Hero who is hit, for 3s. (Cooldown: 4s. This Hero is immune to Energy Reduction effects, and has fast Energy recovery.)
Mechtessa Icon.png
Skill Overclock.png
Limits Hero's DMG taken to 18,000 per hit for 10s, and increases Hero's ATK SPD by 10% for 10s. (Cooldown: 12s.) Hero fires a mech-fist whenever she attacks, dealing 270% ATK DMG to enemies in the surrounding area. (The Hero will not fire mech-fists when surrounded only by Walls.)

Legendary (only for purchases)

Name Skill Cost
Spirit Mage Icon.png
Spirit Mage
Skill Magic Missile.png
Magic Missile
Deals 200% DMG to 2 random nearby targets.
Minotaur Chieftain Icon.png
Minotaur Chieftain
Skill Body Slam.png
Body Slam
Targets 10 random ground units in battle, dealing 50% DMG, inflicting Stun for 1 sec, and reducing Energy by 10%. (Cooldown: 6 secs)
Destroyer Icon.png
Skill Devastation.png
Deals 150% ATK to nearby foes & Stuns them for 1s. For 5s, boost ATK SPD by 10% & deflects 10% damage. CD: 8s. Has Lv 5 Life Drain.
  1. First Spirit Mage can be obtained by receiving 50,000 Gems through purchases or free gem offers.
  2. First Minotaur Chieftain can be obtained by receiving 150,000 Gems through purchases or free gem offers.
  3. First Destroyer can be obtained by receiving 300,000 Gems through purchases or free gem offers.

Legendary (only from events)

Name Skill Cost
Moltanica Icon.png
Skill Fiery Breath.png
Fiery Breath
Deals 150% ATK and reduces target's ATK, ATK SPD, and MOV SPD by 25% for 6 secs. Cooldown: 6 secs.
Arctica Icon.png
Skill Frost Breath.png
Frost Breath
Deals DMG equal to 100% ATK to enemies in front, freezing them for 1.5s and buildings for 2.5s, removing all buffs. Hero has Lv 5 Condemnation. Cooldown: 6s.
Demogorgon Icon.png
Skill High Voltage.png
High Voltage
Strikes two random foes three times over 2s, dealing total DMG equal to 210% ATK to each target and inflicting Blinded for 1.5s. Also gains immunity to DMG from attacks and increases CRIT Rate by 20% for 2s. Cooldown: 5s. Hero is immune to Stun and Fear.
Skeletica Icon.png
Skill Wraith Fire.png
Wraith Fire
Removes buffs, and deals 120% ATK DMG plus 8,000 Fixed DMG to all enemy targets in an area. (Fixed DMG cannot be mitigated by percentage-based damage reduction.) Hero regains HP equal to 35% of DMG dealt by its skill. (Cooldown: 2s. This Hero is immune to Coma, Fear, Energy Reduction effects, and attacks, for 3.5s. Cooldown: 5s. This Hero has fast Energy recovery.)
  1. Moltanica can be obtained by events only.
  2. Arctica can be obtained by events only.
  3. Demogorgon can be obtained by events only.
  4. Skeletica can be obtained by events only.

Legendary (shards)




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