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Heroes Trial

The Heroes Trial is a feature similar to Here Be Monsters. It shares the same random unit spawn mechanic. 3,000 Might Might is required to enter this deadly contest. One entry generates every six hours, with 6 stored entries (6 chances) total being the maximum.

Note: you can refill one chance by using Trial Entry Card 02 or press this symbol Purchase button as an indication for additional Trial Entry Card to be used.


There are a total of 12 Trials with a randomly selected Legendary Hero for each that attacks your base. You must defeat all of the enemy units within the time limit to win. Prizes are Honor BadgesHB, GemsGem, and Heroes.



  • This new feature is much more difficult and much less consistent than Here Be Monsters. Players will have to do their best to defend their base against at least 3 or more Pumpkin Dukes or Cupids, with their stack-able skill, or multiple Druids healing each other.
  • All attacking heroes have four times their base health.
  • Heroes between versions have been found to spawn with the same talents. It woud be hard to identify which hero spawns where as they are all the same, though the set should retain the same talents. Examples: One Paladin in wave L1 spawns with sprint. One Snowzilla in L1 will have self-destruct.
  • Just as in Here Be Monsters, different amounts of resources can be rewarded for the same wave. L1 will drop 100, 200, or 500 Honor badges HB or 3, 5, or 10 gems Gem.
  • According to some tests, there is small chance to receive the hero which you defeated in a wave. Chances of getting hero as a reward grows with every higher wave level completed .

Hero trial reward Hero trial reward hero

  • This appears to be the opposite of Here Be Monsters. High-damage heroes are more useful than multiple targets, as you need to kill the attacking heroes in as few hits as possible to minimize their skill usage. Multiple smaller hits such as Snowzilla's Snowball Fight will actually feed into the beefed-up heroes' energy.
  • Your heroes don't get any exp from heroes trial.

Hero Trial Challenge I[]

List of heroes[]

Paladin Icon
Champion Icon
Succubus Icon
Druid Icon
Ninja Icon
Thunder God Icon
Thunder God
Atlanticore Icon
Grizzly Reaper Icon
Grizzly Reaper
Immortep Icon
Pumpkin Duke Icon
Pumpkin Duke
Snowzilla Icon
Cupid Icon


Trial No. of Heroes Heroes' level Rewards
L1 3x 30 100 HB 200 HB 500 HB 3 Gem 5 Gem 10 Gem
L2 6x 50 150 HB 300 HB 750 HB 6 Gem 10 Gem 20 Gem
L3 9x 70 200 HB 400 HB 1000 HB 9 Gem 15 Gem 30 Gem
L4 12x 90 250 HB 500 HB 1250 HB 12 Gem 20 Gem 40 Gem
L5 15x 110 300 HB 600 HB 1500 HB 15 Gem 25 Gem 50 Gem
L6 18x 130 400 HB 800 HB 2000 HB 18 Gem 30 Gem 60 Gem
L7 21x 150 500 HB 1000 HB 2500 HB 21 Gem 35 Gem 70 Gem
L8 24x 170 600 HB 1200 HB 3000 HB 24 Gem 40 Gem 80 Gem
L9 27x 190 700 HB 1400 HB 3500 HB 27 Gem 45 Gem 90 Gem
L10 30x 210 800 HB 1600 HB 4000 HB 30 Gem 50 Gem 100 Gem
L11 33x 230 1000 HB 2000 HB 5000 HB 33 Gem 55 Gem 110 Gem
L12 36x 250 1200 HB 2400 HB 6000 HB 36 Gem 60 Gem 120 Gem

Hero Trial Challenge II[]

List of heroes[]

Pixie Icon
Treantaur Icon
Orksbane Icon
Warlock Icon
Siren Icon
Aries Icon
Harpy Queen Icon
Harpy Queen
Death Knight Icon
Death Knight
Vlad Dracula Icon
Vlad Dracula


Trial No. of Heroes Heroes' level Rewards
L13 ?x 200 1400 HB 2800 HB 7000 HB 39 Gem 65 Gem 130 Gem
L14 ?x 230 1600 HB 3200 HB 8000 HB 42 Gem 70 Gem 140 Gem
L15 ?x 230 1800 HB 3600 HB 9000 HB 45 Gem 75 Gem 150 Gem
L16 ?x 250 2050 HB 4100 HB 10250 HB 48 Gem 80 Gem 160 Gem
L17 24* 255 2300 HB 4600 HB 11500 HB 51 Gem 85 Gem 170 Gem
L18 ?x 255 2550 HB 5100 HB 12750 HB 54 Gem 90 Gem 180 Gem
L19 ?x ?
L20 ?x ?
L21 ?x ?
L22 ?x ?
L23 ?x ?
L24 ?x ?

grey - expected, not yet confirmed number

*Lvl 17 - Wave 17 in Heroes Trial appears approximately 24 Heroes in groups of 3.


  1. If you get stuck in Heroes Trial Challenge II, you can wait until Treantaur appears. With Pumpkin Duke, Cupid and/or Druid/Ghoulem you can pass and reach higher waves easily.