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Honor Badges HB (HB) are one of the most important resources. They can be used to hire Heroes and to increase their Star level.

HB  is awarded hourly, depending on the Arena rank and can be earned in the Arena, Raids, Dungeons, fighting against the Boss or be bought at the Shop (1,000 HB HB for 50 Gems Gem) once a day.

HB can be lost by failing Raids against other players.

HB limit: 50 Million.

  • HB won/lost in Raids is determined by the Might Might difference between the two players - e.g. winning against someone with higher Might gives more HB.
  • HB can also be received in Daily Reward and Nobility Title rewards given every day.
  • The best way to earn more HB is by means of Challenge a Boss where you can earn HB per fight plus HB as a reward by DMG Ranking if the goals were attained.
  • HB can also be purchased at Shop given a costs of 50 Gems Gem for 1000 HB allowed per day.
  • You can also earn HB by completing quests sets in Quest Board.
  • You can also earn HB by completing the Hero Expeditions and by exchanging some items on Warehouse using Merits Merit. Selling some Items in Warehouse also gives HB.
  • Extra HB May be earned trough Guild Wars Twice a week to a maximum total of 20,000 each week.[1]

Recruiting Heroes[]

Honor Badge recruitment costs 500 Honor Badges HB for the initial roll and a cumulative addition of 100 additional Hero Badges per roll for the first 10 rolls, 500 per roll for the next 9 rolls, and 1000 per roll as far as anyone has seen after that. Recruitment cost will reset back to 500 HB when the server time refreshes.

Hero # 1 2 3 ... 11


13 ... 19 20 21 ...
HB Cost 500 600 700 ... 1,500 2000 2500 ... 5500 6000 7000 ...

You can roll Legendary Heroes with Honor Badges HB but the chance is nearly zero. According to this thread --> Rolling Hero with HB, it is unlikely that you will receive Legendary Heroes using Honor Badges; meaning, at high levels of play, Honor badges are best used to level up your Heroes (by giving them more stars) or by boosting their abilities (by recruiting random Heroes and sacrificing them) rather than trying to add heroes to your roster through rolling.

Star Leveling Up Heroes[]

Honor Badges are also used to increase the Star level of a hero, which raises it's maximum level capacity:

Star 1
Non evolved Hero Evo1 Hero Evo2 Hero
Level Range Total
Level Range Total
Level Range Total
1 Star - 1 - 20 - (4Star) - (5Star) -
2 Star 1,000 HB 20 - 40 1,000HB (4Star) - (5Star) -
3 Star 3,000 HB 40 - 60 4,000HB (4Star) - (5Star) -
4 Star 10,000 HB 60 - 80 14,000HB 1 - 80 - (5Star) -
5 Star 20,000 HB 80-100 34,000HB 80-100 20,000HB 1-100 -
6 Star 30,000 HB 100-120 64,000HB 100-120 50,000HB 100-120 30,000HB
7 Star 50,000 HB 120-140 114,000HB 120-140 100,000HB 120-140 80,000HB
8 Star 100,000 HB 140-160 214,000HB 140-160 200,000HB 140-160 180,000HB
9 Star 200,000 HB 160-180 414,000HB 160-180 400,000HB 160-180 380,000HB
10 Star 400,000 HB 180-200 814,000HB 180-200 800,000HB 180-200 780,000HB

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