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  • You never want to decide, Castle Clash will always make you to feel the best hero which suits your playing style

Download New Update for Castle Clash Mod Apk[]


As far as I know, Castle Clash is a strategy game that was released by I Got Games (IGG) - a popular browser and mobile game maker in the United States on mobile devices using the operating system. Android and iOS operating systems. Castle Clash was the top 10 best-selling mobile games in the United States in 2013, voted by a reputable gaming industry magazine. Considered quite similar to Clash of Clans, this strategy game doubles the impressive style of construction management. Castle Clash has the potential to make a player addictive quickly after only a short period of experience. This is probably understandable as a functional and engaging strategy game format will get players to enter the game from the tight plot details and how to show off the straightforward gameplay, Castle Clash did. The. Castle Clash is an MMORTS game that combines elements of tower defense and explores the world, set in the Norse mythological world. The task of the player in the game is to develop bases, raise troops, construct a structure of buildings to combat enemy attacks. The game has a wide array of heroes with many abilities and fighting styles. Based on the research of army forces such as Fighter, Distance, Mounted, Mage to find creative and effective strategies before the challenges you are facing. In addition, players can also use powerful magic to turn the situation around and gain the upper hand in battle. Read More...

How to get free gems in Castle Clash?[]

Complete the Success Mission
On the main interface of Castle Clash game, click on the arrow icon in the corner of the screen (next to the Shopping system) to enter the achievement interface.

There are many success quests you can complete, choosing based on your current abilities to complete and receive the free game Castle Clash.

Receipt from The Sword event
Click on the Gift Box icon that appears at the top left of the screen in the main interface to access the list of events.

Complete list tasks to get Castle Clash free game including Like Facebook of Castle Clash Vietnam (100 Ngoc), Join Google Account (100 Ngoc), Buy Ngoc for the first time (200 Ngoc), Tham Floor, Gold Pirates, Oil Pirates.

Get free gems from rank
In Castle Clash, the stripping point is displayed instead of the character's war power; the higher the pearl title, the more the champion's combat skills are increased. To access the Title area, just click on the hand icon in the top left corner => click on the gift box => get a free Castle Clash game every day from the current title.

State Mission
The mission table is located on the upper left edge of the territory map when the main house reaches level 7; you can change the mission table to complete the free receipt of Castle Clash pearls, the quest system at This is updated daily.

Participate in Facebook and group events
The monthly or weekly events of the free game Castle Clash Jade usually take place on Facebook, Group, and Castle Clash. Please stay tuned and participate in events for the opportunity to own more attractive rewards.

There are some tips on how to win Jade Castle Clash game for free, you need to know if you don't want to load but still have some pearls to use. Be smart using Ngoc to recruit generals, buy more workers, speed up construction, buy resources and much more in a reasonable way.