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Items obtained in the game can be found in Warehouse. There are 3 categories of Items: Consumables, Gift Packs and Crests

Crests Class Crest Price at Warehouse Cost of Crest when sold

Crest Blade ShellCrest Flame GuardCrest ScorchCrest Slow Down
Crest SprintCrest Stone SkinCrest Tenacity

Normal 2000 BlueCrystal

Crest BulwarkCrest Deadly StrikeCrest Heavy Blow
Crest ScatterCrest War GodCrest Self Destruct

Rare Crest Lv1 1500 Merit 2000 BlueCrystal
Rare Crest Lv2 7500 Merit 8000 BlueCrystal
Crest RevitalizeCrest ReviveCrest BerserkCrest Life Drain Mythic Crest Lv1 3000 Merit 2000 BlueCrystal
Mythic Crest Lv2 15000 Merit 8000 BlueCrystal