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  1. There are multiple Floors in the Labyrinth. As you descend deeper, you will encounter Monsters and Goblins with higher ATK and HP.
  2. Form a team of 9 Heroes, and use Labyrinth Stamina to move to an enemy. Defeat Monsters to score points and restore Stamina.
  3. Defeat Goblins to earn Labyrinth Chests and score points (each Goblin will only give Labyrinth Chests once per season). Defeating a Goblin will not restore Labyrinth Stamina.
  4. During the season, the Labyrinth is open daily from 00:10 - 23:50 server time. Rankings are updated every minute (the top 1,000 ranks will be displayed).
  5. Each season lasts for 3 days. There will be a 2-day cooldown between seasons. Depending on your best score at the end of a season, you will be awarded with a number of Blue Crystals and Fame.
  6. You can reset the Labyrinth during the season if you wish to improve your score. Rewards will be based on your best score for each season.
  7. Rewards from a season can be collected before the end of the next season


  • Smug Goblin: "Your feeble attacks won't even leave a scratch!" The Smug Goblin rubs its nose idly.
  • Greedy Goblin : "You want a fight, you've got one!" The Greedy Goblin grins menacingly. Its armor is laced with venom.
  • Hungry Goblin : "I'm dying for a bite!" The Hungry Goblin rages and attacks anyone nearby.
  • Angry Goblin : "How dare you disturb me!" The Angry Goblin glares at anyone who tries to stun it.
  • Violent Goblin : ""