Mountain of mana

Mana Mana.png is used to recruit units and purchase certain Buildings . Gold mines and vaults are purchased and upgraded with Mana , as are the Guild Hall and Hero Bases. The Flower II decoration is purchased with mana and may be sold at half its price, so it may be used as a mana battery.

Mana is acquired by clearing Dungeons , completing quests in Quest Board, somehow in Here Be Monsters , raiding other players, or collecting from Mana Mills.

With the release of Quest Board, Mana Mana.png is also used for Donation Quest with the amount depending on Might Might.png.

  • You can also buy Mana in the Shop where it costs an amount of Gems Gem.png depending upon quantity. You can have an option to buy 10%, 50% or fill in the Vault with a certain amount of Gems.
  • With the new update in version v1.2.52, you can now obtain or purchase Mana in 3 different packages with Merits Merit.png, Events, and/or game modes.


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