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The Map defines the playing area on which Buildings can be built, units can be deployed and Spells/Flags can be cast.

Note: Buildings, Heroes, Troops, and Flags can not be placed on the areas that have Obstacles.

Player's Base[]

The player's base covers an area of 44x44 fields. 40x40 of these fields can be used to position buildings on. Each building prevents enemy players to deploy units on fields that directly surround the building. For example, the enemy player can't deploy units between two buildings that have exact two free fields between them.


Here you can find a list of all buildings and their size.

Size Building
1x1 Wall
2x2 Hero Base
3x3 Arena Gold Mine Gold Vault Guild Hall Heroes Altar Mana Mill Mana Vault Relic Hall Training Center Watchtower (and upgrades)
4x4 Town Hall
6x6 Army Camp