An enigma. No one knows where these giants came from or what lies behind their armor. What they do know, however, is these titans attack with dauntless ferocity!

The Mecha Man is a Tier 2 Destructive Troop. It targets Ground units only.  All troops take longer to kill a camp full of Mecha than they take to kill any other troop type of the same level.


Level Skin Damage Hitpoints Hiring Cost (Mana) Upgrade Cost (Gold) Might Increase Upgrade Time
1 Mecha Man 1 265 7,200 1,500 Mana.png - 50 -
2 300 8,300 1,800 Mana.png 214,000 Gold.png 65 3d 3h 36m
3 Mecha Man 2 335 9,600 2,100 Mana.png 380,000 Gold.png 80 4d 17h 24m
4 370 10,400 2,400 Mana.png 550,000 Gold.png 95 7d 2h 6m
5 Mecha Man 3 405 11,600 2,700 Mana.png 950,000 Gold.png 110 10d15h9m

Mecha Man Design History

Mecha Man Mecha Man v1.2.27
Current v1.2.27 and earlier
Mecha Man Icon Mecha Man Icon v1.2.27
Current Icon Icon v1.2.27 and earlier

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