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Merchant is a store that appears randomly after completing an action in the Lost Realm.

Six various items are available for purchase using either Gold or Gems each time the window appears. Each item can only be purchased once.

Once merchant is available, you have approx. 5 minutes before it goes away.

All items can be sold individually or in packs of two or more. The crystals and silver keys are often sold as multiples.

Item Cost
Level 1 Ordinary Crest 500,000 Gold
Level 1 Rare Crest 800,000 Gold
Level 1 Mythic Crest 1,500,000 Gold
Silver Key Silver Key 200,000 Gold
Gold Key Gold Key 1,000,000 Gold
Small Blue Crystal Bag ?? Gold per bag
Blue Crystal Bag L Large Blue Crystal Bag 50,000 Gold per bag
Blue Crystal Box S Small Blue Crystal Box 250,000 Gold per box
Blue Crystal Box L Large Blue Crystal Box 500,000 Gold per box
Mythic Blue Crystal Box 1,200,000 Gold per box
Level 2 Ordinary Crest 80 Gem
Level 2 Rare Crest 160 Gem
Level 2 Mythic Crest 300 Gem
Red Crystal Bag S Small Red Crystal Bag 2 Gem per bag
Red Crystal Bag L Large Red Crystal Bag 10 Gem per bag
Red Crystal Box S Small Red Crystal Box 50 Gem per box
Red Crystal Box L Large Red Crystal Box 200 Gem per box
Mythic Red Crystal Box ? Gem per box