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  • Never knew ppl could be THIS stubborn. But it seems clear you do not understand the problem ;). So, my inner tutor needs to step up to the plate...

    There are two different things, attack speed and 'swing time'/'attack cooldown'/'base attack time'. We are talking about INCREASING the ATTACK SPEED. Which means that you FIRST look up what that is, multiply that by 1.7 and you get your new ATTACK SPEED. Then, for completeness sake, you can convert that back to SWING TIME.

    If you want to understand in another way. If you look at a car which drives along a road with distance markers (very common in many countries). There are 2 things which you can 'show' the speed by, either by HOW LONG it takes the car to get from marker to marker (In OUR example the base attack time) or by its speed (in OUR examply attack speed). The first one is measured in seconds (or milliseconds) which it takes to get from 1 marker to the next, the second one in distance/time or km/h (in some countries m/h). Basically you can convert the 2 from one to another since the first measure takes into account how far the distance markers are apart.

    If you drive at 100 km/h and the markers are 1 km apart. the time it would take for the car to get from 1 marker to the next is 1/100 = 0.01 hours = 0.6 minutes = 36 seconds.

    If you would increase your SPEED with 70% you would go 170 km/h. So the time to get from 1 marker to the next is 1/170 =  0.00588 hours = 0.353 minutes = 21.2 seconds.

    So, to get the speed increase we MULTIPLY by 1+70% = 1.7. To get the timereduction from 1 marker to the next we DIVIDE by 1+70% = 1.7. Speed = 100 km/h * 1.7 = 170 km/h. Markertime = 36 / 1.7 = 21.2

    There is NO minus needed anywhere. Otherwise you would just screw up every logic.

    Base attack time = 2000 ms = 2 seconds. To get our base attack speed: 1/2 = 0.5 Hz or 0.5 attacks per second.

    If we would want to attack twice as fast, or increase our attack speed by 100%: so 0.5 * 2 = 1 Hz or 1 attack per second. Converting that back to base attack time = 1/1 = 1 second = 1000 ms. That would be a 100% increase, NOT a 50% increase, which you seem to want to prove somehow. So since the maximum we can increase the ATTACK SPEED by = 70% we can use the example that has been proven before again and again. 0.5 Hz * 1.7 = 0.85 Hz or 0.85 attacks per second. Converting that back to base attack time = 1/0.85 = 1.1765 seconds or 1176.5 ms.

    I hope you still read this and it will stick ;)

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    I had no problems with my other account in beating Cwith 4 Heroes

    You should try converting two towers to cannon towers

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    • I will suggest Ninja because you already have Immortep to get rid of multiple targets, you just need to deal damage now

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    • sounds good thanks alot

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  • You could put some buildinds at the edge of the screen were the monsters spawn from that way the only buildings close to your base would be resources which your towers should cover fine

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    • i forgot to ask about your tower levels when you were farming C

      Current team: Engineer, Druid, Succubus, Paladin, Executioner (who to replace) Serpent Queen is going to replace someone i have to get her to 80 with at least a lvl 3 skill

      Future team:Thundergod, Immorthep, Engineer then i dont know who after that, hopefully get lucky with a Snowzilla, Cupid or Pumpkin Duke or how bout Ninja, Champion, Cyclops? Grizzly Reaper? since his animation seems to be faster than before

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    • I prefer Grizzly Reaper to Immorthep but if you have a Cupid, it will not survive with a ranged hero like Grizzly

      From your team, Executioner has to go.Succubus has more health

      Tower Levels are all 7, I think using one Cannon Tower would help  a lot.

      Next get Thunder god and then save for Immorthep or Grizzly.

      This is my current setup

      Angel Paired with Thunder god then Druid in the Center Atlanticore paired with Engineer.

      Angel is pretty much acting as my cupid.

      I use a diamond formation and pair one melee hero with a ranged one.

      I think Ninja is great but he should be the last hero that you buy.

      I can beat B in my second account with Druid Ninja and Champion. It would have been good if we had an Elite healer. I like having more than one healer on my team

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  • Hi, welcome to Castle Clash Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Skill page. There's a lot to do around here, so we hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.

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