Showers an area with Meteors, dealing 12% of Max HP as DMG to all enemies in the area for 6 seconds.

Purchased Meteor

Purchase meteor


Level Unlocks at Relic Hall Level Cost (Gold) Level Up Time Level Up Cost (Gold) Continuous Damage % Might
1 9 15,000Gold.png 2d 15h 53m 230,000Gold.png 12.0 35
2 10 35,000Gold.png 4d 14h 24m 500,000Gold.png 18.0 105
3 11 55,000Gold.png 7d 7h 18m 750,000Gold.png 24.0 210
4 12 75,000Gold.png 8d 23h 37m 1,000,000Gold.png 30.0 350
5 18 95,000Gold.png 36.0 525

Meteor Levels


Here are the Levels for Meteor

Unlock9 Meteor1 Meteor level2 Meteor level3 Meteor level4 Meteor level5
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