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Summons a Phoenix that flies across the battlefield for 10 seconds, randomly reviving 6 friendly troops in it's path (not Heroes). Guide the Phoenix by dragging your finger on the screen.

Purchased Phoenix Flight[]

Purchase phoenix


Level Unlocks at RH Level Cost (Gold) Level Up Time Level Up Cost (Gold) Number of Revivals Magic Effect Might
1 15 40,000Gold 10d 21h 41m 1,500,000Gold 6 6 50
2 16 55,000Gold 13d 1h 53m 1,900,000Gold 12 12 150
3 17 70,000Gold 15d 12h 36m 2,650,000Gold 18 18 300
4 19 85,000Gold 18d 6h 12m 3,000,000Gold 24 24 500
5 20 100,000Gold 30 30 750

Phoenix Flight's Levels[]


Here are the Levels for Phoenix Flight

Unlock15 Phoenix1 Phoenix flight level2 Phoenix flight level3 Phoenix flight level4 Phoenix flight level5