Summons a Phoenix that flies across the battlefield for 10 seconds, randomly reviving 6 friendly troops in it's path (not Heroes). Guide the Phoenix by dragging your finger on the screen.

Purchased Phoenix Flight

Purchase phoenix


Level Unlocks at RH Level Cost (Gold) Level Up Time Level Up Cost (Gold) Number of Revivals Magic Effect Might
1 15 40,000Gold.png 10d 21h 41m 1,500,000Gold.png 6 6 50
2 16 55,000Gold.png 13d 1h 53m 1,900,000Gold.png 12 12 150
3 17 70,000Gold.png 15d 12h 36m 2,650,000Gold.png 18 18 300
4 19 85,000Gold.png 18d 6h 12m 3,000,000Gold.png 24 24 500
5 20 100,000Gold.png 30 30 750

Phoenix Flight's Levels


Here are the Levels for Phoenix Flight

Unlock15 Phoenix1 Phoenix flight level2 Phoenix flight level3 Phoenix flight level4 Phoenix flight level5
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