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Locked Quest Board
Unlocked Quest Board

The Quest Board is located near the entrance to Here Be Monsters and Heroes Trial. Once your Town Hall reaches Level 7, you’ll be able to repair the Quest Board. The actual Quest Board will activate once it’s repaired.

Once you open the Quest Board, you’ll be able to view sets of different Quests. Complete different quests for different rewards!

The amount of time for each Quest set is limited to 16 hours. If you can’t finish the Quest set within the time limit, you won’t be able to claim all of the possible rewards. However, if you complete a Quest set, and after a 7 hour cooling off period, a new Quest set will become available and the time limit will start again, but only after you enter the Quest Board.

Quests may include random Raids, Dungeons, Heroes, Magic and more!

  • Number of quests in each set is depending on player's Might:
Might ≤4999 5000
No. of quests 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • You’ll earn small rewards for each Quest cleared from a Quest set. Rewards include GoldGold, ManaMana, Honor BadgesHB, ShardsShard, GemsGem, or even sacrifice heroes Crystal Ooze. Completing a Quest set results in earning additional rewards like huge amounts of Honor Badges and/or Hero EXP BooksExp Book 1.
  • The quicker you complete a Quest set, the more bonus rewards of Honor Badges HB, Shards Shard, or more Experience Books Exp Book 1 you will earn.
  • Some of the quests can be auto-completed by spending Gems Gem (At most three chance a day: 10 Gems for the first time, 20 Gems for the second time, 50 Gems for the third time). You should save gems for these quests if you cannot possibly complete them.
  • Some of the quests like "Refresh a Hero Talent" can not be auto completed. You need to complete them manually. However since the gem reward for Refresh is exactly the same as the gem cost, this is a free Refresh, if you keep 300 gems on hand. Also merely causing a talent roll by paying gems, using talent refresh card or a level 5 Talent Chest will complete this quest. There is no need to actually change a hero's talent.
  • The other quest that players cannot Auto complete is the quest for donating Mana Mana or Gold Gold. Since the new update, the quest has change not to be able to auto-complete the said quest which means it should be manually done and completed by donating the given amount.
  • The Destroy Buildings quest does not require that the overall attack be a success. You can launch a series of Hero Expeditions that just destroy that one building, quit, and repeat until the quest is completed.
  • The quantity and distribution of Experience Books Exp Book 1 Exp Book 2 Exp Book 3 are all random and unstable when it comes to rewards. Even IGG, the creator of the game, cannot specify nor directly point out how many books or how much you can gain in any one set of quest completions, but there is one sure way which is 90% guaranteed upon it..
  • Check out official announcement


Quest Description Reward
Star StarStar StarStarStar
Normal Dungeon
Dungeon - Earn a 3-Flame victory 3x Might Mana 4x Might Mana 5x Might Mana 1/3000x Might Shard
Dungeon - Clear any Dungeon
Dungeon - Enter any Dungeon

Elite Dungeon

Elite Dungeon - Earn a 3-Flame victory 3x Might Mana 4x Might Mana 5x Might Mana 1/2000x Might Shard
Elite Dungeon - Clear any Dungeon
Elite Dungeon - Enter any Dungeon

Raid Victory!

Raids - Earn a 3-Flame victory 3x Might Gold 1/300x Might HB 4x Might Gold 1/250x Might HB 5x Might Gold 1/200x Might HB
Raids - Complete a Raid

Raid Resources

Raids - Loot the required Gold amount 3x Might Gold 1/300x Might HB 4x Might Gold 1/250x Might HB 5x Might Gold 1/200x Might HB
Raids - Loot the required Mana amount

Destroy Buildings

Destroy a Town Hall in a Raid or Expedition. 3x Might Gold 1/300x Might HB 4x Might Gold 1/250x Might HB 5x Might Gold 1/200x Might HB
Destroy a Hero Altar in a Raid or Expedition.
Destroy an Army Camp in a Raid or Expedition.
Destroy a Gold Vault in a Raid or Expedition.
Destroy a Mana Vault in a Raid or Expedition.

Heroes Altar

Hero Altar - Hire any Hero - - 25 Gem
Hero Altar - Consume any Sacrifice
Heroes Altar - Hire a Hero or Sacrifice with Shards
Hero Altar - Refresh a Hero Talent - - 300 Gem

Hero Hiring

Hire Heroes with Gems once - - 150 Gem

Spells Master

Spells Master - Use any Spell in battle - - Shard

Here Be Monsters

Combat - Defend your Base in Here Be Monsters - - Shard

Heroes Trial

Heroes Trial - Join any Heroes Trial. - - 10 Shard

Guild Glory

Guilds - Donate the required Shards amount - - 25 Gem
Guilds - Use a Flag in battle - - Shard

Donate Resources

Donate the required Gold amount 1/60x MightHB 1/45x MightHB 1/30x MightHB
1x Crystal Ooze
Donate the required Mana amount

Expert Dungeons

Expert Dungeon - Earn a 3-Flame victory
Expert Dungeon - Clear any Expert Dungeon
4x Might Mana
3x Might Mana
4x Might Mana + some Shard 4x Might Mana + some Shard
7x Might Mana + some Shard
Insane Dungeon[1]
Insane Dungeon - Clear any dungeon 1/220x Might HB
Trial Entry Card
1/210x Might HB
Team Dungeon Card
1/200x Might HB
Monster Pass
Insane Dungeon - Clear two dungeons
Insane Dungeon - Clear three dungeons


Fight once - - 1/200x MightHB
  1. Available at 120,000 might


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