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Rewards are earned through actions like logging in, completing achievements or buying gems. All rewards must be claimed manually, simply logging in isn't enough.

Earn Gems[]

Earn Gems In this section, you can get Heroes, Honor Badges, Gems and Shards.

Daily Reward[]

Daily Reward

The Daily Reward was added in 1.2.37 and rewards you with Heroes, Honor Badges and Gems each day you Log in for 30 days.



Nobility Titles were introduced in 1.2.37 (Android) and 1.2.9 (iOS). They offer daily rewards based on your Might and a stat boost (ATK and HP) in the Arena.


Achievements Achievements are earned doing several tasks. Gems are the reward for completing an achievement.

Quest Board[]

Quest Board

The Quest Board is a feature where you receive quests,and if you complete them,you might get a reward.