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Tactics Academy is a features where you level up your heroes in Experience and Skill. It is located at the Heroes Altar, one Tabs provided where "Earn Exp" tabs is provided.


Click Heroes Altar and you will find 4 Icons which commonly shows in the screen. These Icons are Info, Level Up, Enter and Earn EXP.

Below are the following details of informations regarding the Icons:

The icon you normally see when you click Heroes Altar is the Earn Exp tab.

Info Levelup Enter EarnEXP

Earn EXP - an Icon Tab which serves as a gateway inside Tactics Academy.

Tactics Academy Page[]

When you click on to Earn EXP tabs, you will be directed on this page, the Tactics Academy:


(the 1st version of the Tactics Academy Page)


(the new version of the Tactics Academy Page after the last update in v1.2.52)

How Tactics Academy works[]

  • Click Heroes Altar, Click the tabs for Earn Exp tabs. Directly you will go to Tactics Academy page.
  • Choose one Hero you wanted to level up Experience or Skills.


  • You will then see 3 Tabs for Experience Leveling. The first tab is the Earn EXP, where you can use Experience books to level up Hero in Experience. 3 Types of books were stated which is the Green Experience Book (grants 1000 experience), Blue Experience Book (grants 5000 experience) and Purple Experience Book (grants 20000 experience). Experience books are gained from succeeding Quest Board quests.


  • The next tab is the Consume Essence tab. On this tab, you have chance to use essence experience which is traded and is available from Warehouse .You can trade merits Merit for Green Essence,Blue or Purple Essence. Essence is also for leveling up Experience Levels of Heroes.


  • The last tab, the Consume Heroes tabs. On this page you can consume heroes or sacrifice heroes to level up Skill Experience.