• Hay Timbone!! If you were saying thanks to me for pics, you're welcome. If not ignore me. I'm weird, but AWESOME...LOL!!!:)

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    • Hahaha. I think some of the pics are still not showing well but not biggie. A lot of new pics were added and I am glad for that.

      Do you know who removed all the tabs? It was so diffficult to navigate. Luckily it was added back

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    • Hah, LOL!!!:) And yes that is very true. A lot of pics were added I think that's pretty cool. BTW I think it was Wikia because as Meibes said Wikia was doing something like, I don't know... checking out the place for anything bad. Which is good, people get inappropriate on here. Especially with Assassin. You know about her right??? Just take a wild guess, and look at her pic. you'll understand.

      See ya!!!:)

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    • Haha!!! And about Succubus too apparently. I just still don't get the whole thing on why they make them so exposing. I heard more opnions then anything else to be honest. But you sure nailed everything on the ball man!!! UP TOP!!!:) BTW that so sweet that you mentioned your sister, only a true family guy would do that. You should be proud.


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    • Thanks you too. Since Meibes is not going to be here much, we have to pick up the slack on this wikia

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    • Your welcome, and aw shucks...LOL!!!:) And WAIT WHAT???? I sure didn't know that, although I kinda got a hint because I haven't seen him answer as many people as he should. So yeah, it's just you and me man. BTW I've been really trying to take his place on answering people, adding stuff, and it's been really hard work!! It seems that we are the most active Wikia staff so we have to up this Wikia for us and for Meibes. (do you have kik???)

      I'm ready for the job!!!!:) You???;)

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