• Does anyone know the actual calculation for honor badge rewards from boss fight. For example, it says max 30% damage, so for boss 2, at 80M health, that should be 24M in damage to get max HB, however, I've seen people get max HB with less than that. I'm curious as to the actual calculation. Is there rounding involved?

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    • I have seen the same thing and I am no for certain how it is calculated.  There is some rounding, but you don't actually have to get 30% of the Bosses HP from what I have seen.  It seems that if the percentage of damage that you do is higher than a majority of your guild then you will get max HB.  I have seend a Boss 3 fight where the top 8 people got max HB because they each did around 20 mil damage.  20 mil is not 30% of 180 mil but they still got the HB.  So I think it has more to do with how well you stack up to the rest of your guild for the fight.

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