• Using the Wiki tables and information a star lvl 1-2 transition costs 1000 HB, a star lvl 2-3 transition costs 3000 HB, etc. Until finally you reach you reach hero level 180 where 200k HB are required to transition apparently out of star level 9 into star level 10. But Hero attribute tables stop at hero level 180. An apparent star level 10 implies heroes can reach level 200! But no attribute information has been found for levels 180-200.  Has this anomaly been discussed before?

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    • No, very few reached that lvl(in this wiki) that's why. 250 lvl heroes are present in hero trial. So IGG may add 10 star or higher in future updates.

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    • I was in error in my original post earlier today. The 8-9 Hero Star transition occurs at the hero level 160, not level 180 as I had earlier stated. I apologize for that error...but that makes the underlying reason for the post even more perplexing.

      At approximately 0600 server time today I was raided in the most "beautiful" manner I have yet seen and privileged by being a part of, by a top 20 player. I was assaulted by  Druid (162), Cupid (162), PD (161), Minotar Chieftain (160), Molatanica (151), and GR (145).

      Since IGG repeatedly states on their Event pages and promotions that there is a 1M cap on HB, and since I am approaching 500k of HB left to use, I am preplanning how to spend the remaining 500k of my HB.

      By my count it takes 414k to achieve star level 9. If a player takes two of their heroes to star level 9 they use up 828k of their available 1M HB, leaving a remaining 176k to develop their remaining heroes. Again by my count, and assuming all of this players heroes started at level 1, star 1 then the HB development cost is 2.184M...just a tad bit more than 1M HB.

      While IGG has offered a level 6 PD as a random prize on one of their events, my Minotar Chieftain came to me at star level 1.  I have seen this player on the boards since 1/14 and have assumed he gem rolled for his legendary heroes but can not rule the possibility that higher level heroes were received via the Hero Trials...but still a Hero Trials level 3 or 4 PD comes at you 9 or 12 strong and kicks most everyone's backside into next week. I'm not entirely sure what hero level a Heroes Trial 3/4 PD is but it is not 160, and I'm not sure a Heroes Trial lvl 7 or 8 PD is even beat-able.

      But if all Heroes Trial heroes at Lvl 6/7/8 are beat-able, surely they have not been rewarded with ALL of these heroes via the Heroes Trial?

      So the question begs...Is the 1M HB cap still in effect, or has this player been able to exploit a programming glitch to their advantage? If my math or logic or inferences are incorrect, I apologize and await to be shown the errors of my ways. I would love to have the HB cap raised...substantially, but I also way a level playing field also, whatever that level is.

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