• Ok I have TG,PD,Druid,Cupid and Grizzly Reaper, What should I buy with my hero shards Alanticore or Immortep?

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    • If you only have 5 hero bases save your shards for now otherwise buy IMMO.  AC is not very useful... fairly good in arena or lost realms depending on your team but not much else.  

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    • Which Boss are you doing? And are you successful in it? Do you always get at least 30% damage? With PD and Cupid you should be able to do Boss 2 or even Boss 3. You may be using Dryad or Exec instead of Champ but, if not, buy Champ first. AC can help you survive 3 min against Boss if you can't otherwise. AC also very useful in Lost Realm. If you happen to have 4/5 or 5/5 Revit he would be very valuable in Arena, as well. 

      Immo on the other hand is great for HBM and raids.


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