• Thanks for all the advice. The reason I got all my heroes so quickly is because I actually did not start about a month ago. I started when I got my iPad. My bro deleted it. Quite the luck huh? I never got it back. Until a month ago. When I did get back to the game, I had 200K HB, and 5K gems. Lottery? No. Just an annoying brother. I rolled all my HB like a NOOB! Then gems too. Got all my team except Aries, my new Druid, and maybe Atlanticore. I got those later. At the time I also got all 5 of my builders. My point is, I didn't do all that in just one month. Maybe you should make a new account and give it to, like your grandson or something? Lol, idk. I'm only 14. I hope do just make one and leave it. That's what I'm doing with one of mine. Biding time. I've already got 12 HB on there. My other thing is gems. How did I get those? The answer to that question is: Server Maintenence. Also, events on Twitter and Facebook. Try it! They give away free heroes, gems, and more. Just come back every two days or so. Check out the 'more events' page. I guarantee you, you'll find something soon. Most of all, have fun. Don't be a slave. :) hope I helped you back. -Monkermon

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