• Hcobb wrote:

    • I agree, get to Mesa and LR as quickly as possible with max builders and towers full of level 20 commons, then sac garbage heroes to stay just above 10k might.

    Really? I guess you have to check your manner upon addressing things here on the wiki..

    you seem to have issues with your personality and behaviour.

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    • What should I call fluff heroes that are being carried along just to reach a magic might number? Is garbage too strong? Call them sacrifices in waiting?

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    • i believe there is a proper way upon saying such given that you are advising on a beginner or a starter player so giving them such idea that "some heroes are garbage" isn't nice. Perhaps you know that since you are a fiction writer,,, telling your reader such harsh or unacceptable word may describe yourself way better than describing the delivery of your words.. 

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