• So I have every legend hero except for cupid and pixie and I'm having a hard time choosing my 6th for hbm P/Q/R. All of my legends are either 9 star or close to it.

    Current hbm lineup - 174 pd 7/9 with 5/5 berserk, 174 druid 7/9 with 5/5 revive, molt 171 7/9 with 5/5 tenacity, 163 santa 7/9(almost 8/9) with 2/5 revive, 166 Vlad 7/9 with 4/5 revive and I can't seem to find a reliable 6th... I've been trying 167 aries 8/9, 152 orksbane 6/9, 166 mino 7/9, 160 sm 7/9.... all of my other legends are within this skill range. 

    any ideas?

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    • That is a great HBM team.  You should be farming HBM R or close to it.  If not then either your TH/building levels are too low or your layout is not good.  IMO you should use Orks as your sixth.

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    • Screenshot 2015-02-23-17-25-29
      Here's my current setup. Do you have any suggestions for placement of my heroes? 

      I don't find my ork to be very useful in the upper left hero base because he can't attack flying heroes/troops when they're over the wall. I've tried to put him in molt or santa's hero base in the bottom but he doesn't have a high chance of survival. My ork is  6/9, 3/5revie, 80 inscription and has scorch level 1 crest set. 

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    • Your corner design does not make effective use of hero bombs.  I use a similar layout outlined in this IGG forum thread -

      If you watch one of his videos you will see his hero placements.  I would use Santa Boom in place of Cupid.  Good luck.

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    • Thanks Jhongfb. This base setup seems to work well and definitely makes effective use of bomb traps. 

      I'm still having an issue beating P with 100% success rate without garrisons and have not even tried Q without garrisons (but I was successful with garrisons on Q).

      Do you recommend upgrading my magic towers to arrow towers? 

      What crest sets are best for Ork, Vlad, Molt, Santa, druid and pd for HBM? I currently have ork(fg2), Vlad(sprint 2), molt(berserk1),  santa(bulwark 1), druid(slowdown2), pd(scorch 2).

      It seems to me that not having cupid is a major setback at this level of hbm and unfortunately I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on gems and do not see myself making another purchase anytime soon. :\

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    • Sorry I assumed that if you use Magic Tower that you use garrisons... magic towers are almost useless without garrisons.  IMO at high hbm levels Magic towers are better than Arrow Towers (using garrisons).  Why not use garrisons?  You main heros are 9 stars so it is not like they will be losing a lot of experience.  

      I use mostly slow down crests on my main heros: Druid, Cupid, Vlad, and Aries.  TG and PD are my other heroes.    I dont have Orks, Molt, or Santa.   Multiple SD crest sets on my heroes slow down the boss to a crawl.  I can beat Q but not farm it.

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