• Many players aren't aware of how Berserk Skill actually works. As a result they may put it on a hero who doesn't benefit from the skill the way they expect to.

    First, one must remember that in battle, all ATK Speed is rounded up to the closest 200. So, for instance, Grizly Reaper has the same ATK Speed as Ninja, because 750 rounds up to 800. Same goes for Assassin, 900 rounds up to 1000 and results in Assassin having the same attack with the same speed as Druid. Of course, all these numbers don't consider buffs, such as Berserk or Celebrate.

    The table below shows how Berserk Talent affects different heroes. Numbers in bold text, in the "No Berserk" row, show actual attack speed of a hero without any buffs. Lower rows show Berserk Talent level 1 through 5. Green areas show actual improvement on the attack speed, i.e., when Berserk Talent starts to actually help. Keep in mind, that these numbers don't take Celebrate into considiration.


    Berserk Talent vs Heroes' ATK Speed


    1) Grizly Reaper, as heroes with ATK Speed 1000, will benefit only from Berserk 4-5/5.

    2) Ninja doesn't benefit from Berserk at all (remember, Celebrate isn't considered in this table).

    3) The only heroes that benefit twice from Berserk, are the really slow ones with ATK Speed 1500 and 2000 (that also includes all level and stacks of Celebrate Skill applied).

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    • I knew there was rounding but never actually calculated it. This is great Rozhy - thanks!

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    • This information is so wrong and misleading, simply a 1000ms base atk rate heroes with 3/5 serk becomes the same atk rate of ninja which is 800ms no rounding needed.

      I don't think base atk rate are rounded up only stacked atk spd below 200 MS

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    • From different sources and my own observations, I came to the conclusion that ATK SPD does rounds up to the nearest 200.

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    • Sorry jcj you are the one that is wrong

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    • Just saying

      Berserk 5/5 gives a 30% boost on attack speed right?

      So, lets take ninja base speed, 800

      30 % of 800 = 240

      800-240 < 600. If what you are saying is right, Ninja DOES get a benefit from berserk 5/5

      Also, your calculations seem to be wrong in normal attackers, as jcj said, a 3/5 berserk should be fine to get the boost

      3/5 gives 20 % boost, 20% of 1000= 200.    100-200 = 800. There you go

      I'm not checking everything on your table, but you guys get the idea.

      Also, i do believe that it rounds up, but not 200 ms. I think its 100 ms. Why? Well, we have heroes with 1500 ms attack speed, it just doesn't make sense to say they attack at 1500 when they do it at 1600

      Furthermore, I have a 2/5 berserk TG and a 3/5 revite Druid, when they attack the same building, I can clearly see TG going faster with his hammer.

      PD: Check my thread for the real calculations, most of these are wrong

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    • Darkmatter917 -

      You are wrong because you are not using IGG reduction formulas.  Rozhy's table above is 100% correct. Your observation of TG zerk 2/5 is not correct either.  I think you should watch closely and make sure you do not have a PD affecting their ATK speed.

      If you want I can pull some links from IGG forums confirming the rounding up to nearest 200ms and the reduction forumla... or you can search for yourself  :)

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    • Darkmatter you have no clue what you are talking about. Please don't spread misinformation. The table is 100% right as Jhongfb stated. One more point at one time it did round up to the nearest 100ms, but berserk and pd were too overpowered so igg updated how delay works and it was in the patch notes. The correct formula for calculating delay change is delay/(1+modifer) and not the formula that you guessed at. Lastly thank you for you anecdotal eyeballing of delays.

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    • Hrmm I see now where I was wrong. I was lead to believe by IGG that berserk formula worked as normal percentages when they don't.

      As Jhongfb assumed in the thread I created, I've been playing only half a year, I'm sorry if my lack of information about how berserk works brought up confusion to anyone.

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    • darkmatter is right. I ve observed my assasin ninja reaper etc. and what I can conclude is that reaper and ninja do have the same att speed. so its true reapers att speed is rounded above. BUT assasin does have a att speed of 900. Also TG with zerk 1 does get a benefit. He simply procs faster then heroes with 1000ms att speed. You can see it because after 6 sec. he has procced a single proc more then the other heroes.  Also think of it : Why would IGG create a taent that gives no bonus? Also my druid with berzerk 5/5 procs faster then my reaper.

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    • Now i am a little confused because of the different statements. I have a PD with a 3/5 berserk does it benefit him or not at all? or only after his proc maybe?

      please can someone help me because I roll talents a lot and if it doesn't benefits him, he will be my priority.

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    • he benefits from it. I don't know the exact details but he benefits rom it

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    • Basically what you're saying is 20% increase from a speed of 1000ms ≠ 800ms and will be rounded up to 1000ms(makes no sense but ok). No matter where you get your information if the math in the game says to do 20% and round to the nearest 200ms. Unless there's an if accompanied with Basically what you're saying is 20% increase from a speed of 1000ms ? 800ms and will be rounded up to 1000ms(makes no sense but ok). No matter where you get your information if the math in the game says to do 20% and round to the nearest 200ms, unless there's an if accompanied with it will do 20% of 1000ms = 800ms rounded to the nearest 200ms = 800ms. Fortunately now with crest (hopefully you have at least one set of Serk 3) (I have a couple) take druid in one of the lower dungeons with a building that takes multiple hits and about 10 secs or more to destroy see how long it take with and without serk 3 then get back to me. In math if part of your table is right and part of it is wrong it's completely wrong. I might even watse time doing a video and posting it to youtube. 

      I typed the above then decided to waste time and make a video. I think some might find it funny but others won't, well you know yourselves. 

      YT Channel: jcjwarrior 

      Title: No Serk Vs. Serk Druid.... The debate is over (Yeah right!) 

      Description: 3/5 Berserk on a 1s(1000ms) hero, does it make a difference? count the hits for yourself. 


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    • First things first, the 200ms is not a rounding, it is not a mathematical part of the equation.  It is a computer clock cycle and what I mean by that is that the program only does any action of any kind every 200ms.  So it's not that the 900ms hero speed is rounded up to 1000ms it's that when the 900ms hero hits 900ms and is ready to attack he can't do anything until the computer hits 1000ms and says OK I'm ready to do all the things that are able to be done now.  It wasn't always like that, it used to bedo things whenever they came up.  IGG made this change because back then Castle Clash would drain batteries like you wouldn't believe and phones would get crazy hot (still burns through batteries but imagine it twice as bad).  

      Second everyone here is talking about speed and then referring to the time between attacks as the speed. This is not correct.  Attack speed increase is not the equivalent of attack rate decrease. Ninja is not a 800ms speed hero; he is a hero with a speed of unknown variable X (we'll call it NinjaSpeed) that means he'll attack every 800ms. So increasing his speed by 30% does not mean that he reduces 800ms by 30%. 

      A quick example (I'm using an equal sign but it really means takes this long to attack):

      NinjaSpeed = 800

      NinjaSpeed x 1.3 = 800 / 1.3     (remember your old math classes? if you multiply on one side, you divide on the other)

      NinjaSpeed x 1.3 = 615.384615    Which can only do anything on the next 200ms clock cycle which means it gains no actual benefit from 5/5 zerk (with no celebrate in the equation)

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    • I can confirm what is said above this post.

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    • I've also calculate, that the zerk 5 only benefit the 2000ms (celebrate = 1 proc), the 1500ms (celebrate = 4 proc), the 1200ms (celebrate = 1 proc) and the 800ms (celebrate = 1 proc). So that's in great part useless to attempt to reach a 5/5 zerk instead of 4/5 zerk

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    • So, beserk helps slow attackers more than it helps fast attackers? And high beserk (4/5 or better) does nothing for fast attackers? 

      And should I luck out and get an awesome beserk, I'd do best to put it on a slow attacker? Thanks 

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    • That is simplifying it too much Sho.  If you get an awesome berserk put it on Duke, Druid, Ork in that order then some other hero that does not have a cooldown ideally.  Yes a slow attacker normally benefits more from zerk but not all slow attackers should be given zerk.  

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    • I agree with Erikk its very important not to put berserk on a hero with a cooldown, or heroes like immo, vlad, and snowzilla which cant proc until there last proc ends which is essentially a cooldown without igg calling it one. Also I like druid orc and pd for berserk.

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    • Totatally agree with what is said above. I right now have a druid with berserk 6/8 soon 7/8. Druid and ork are in my opinion the best for berserk. No cooldown and its the only talent that benefits their skill and so the whole team.

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    • Zerk Chart

      Here's the new Zerk Assessment Chart.

      I took the time to calculate the new, upto 8/8 stats. Enjoy.
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    • A FANDOM user
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