• Guys i need an advice. I have Druid, vlad dracula, pumpkin duke, atlanticore, thunder god, grzilly reaper, snowzilla, succubus, ninja, paladin and champion. What team should i use for HBM, mesa, lost realm and raids?

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    • It is hard to give good advice without knowing what skills each of your heroes have, as well as any crest sets you may have. In general, however:

      Mesa: Druid, Vlad, PD, SZ + TG/GR/Sucsy or Ninja

      HBM: Druid, Vlad, PD, TG, GR + SZ/Sucsy or Ninja

      Lost Realm: Druid, Vlad, PD, TG, Champ

      Raids: Druid, Vlad, PD, TG, GR + SZ or Ninja

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    • As you can see, your foundation should be formed around the Druid-Vlad-PD combo.

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