• Hi guys, I wanted to post some tips about Team Dungeons that might help new players. I will begin with a few general tips then i will describe each level separately. I'll try to had pictures for each level in the future. If you have anything to add please comment below !

    Heroes you should use in Mesas :

    Pumpkin Duke : Impossible to win a mesa without it. The boss HP is just too high to kill him without boosts. If mesa 1 can be won with just 1 duke, you will need at least 2 in Mesa 2 with a decent skill level (i'd say with lvl 5/10+) and a third Duke in mesa 3 and 4 for safety, in the case 1 dies before reaching the boss. A PD team is used to reach the attack speed cap (5 hits/sec) and the damage cap on the boss (35000 by hit). It is highly recommended to have the Revive talent (1/8 is enough) on your PD. Because it moves quickly and attacks in short range, there's a high chance for it to be attacked by the boss.

    High DPS heroes : if not necessary in mesa 1, DPS heroes are a must have for higher levels. These heroes have a skill that can do multiple hit in one proc. Best heroes for this purpose are Snowzilla, Immortep, Santa and Vlad (and maybe Serpent Queen / 11 hits by proc / but i didn't try if it can reach the damage cap)

    Healer !!! : Quite logical you'll tell me, but i see so many people in mesa 4 who don't use any healer and it eventually ends up in a failure... Druid or Orksbane are prefect for this. Pixie heals at long range but its not enough to keep the tank alive.

    Other heroes with interesting skills : -Heroes killers. You will also need some heroes with the ability to attack multiple ennemies from long range. Their skills will kill all ennemy heroes on the battlefield without having to confront them. Thes heroes are mostly used in mesa 1 and 4. A lot of heroes can be used, the most common is Grizzly Reaper but you can also use Aries, Pixie, Santa, SM, Minotaur,... TG isn't a good hero for this purpose cause it will focus on the boss only. -Building destroyers. Same thing but with buidings. It is not necessary but can help in some levels. Ftp heroes that can destroy buildings are Santa, Siren and Warlock (not sure for the last). The best hero is for sure Minotaur followed by SM and Santa. -Debuffers. If your team isn't strong enough, the boss will kill your heroes one by one. Especially in Mesa 3 when the boss procs its skill, while all your heroes are stunned, the boss has time to kill its target. To prevent this you will need a hero that can slow boss attack speed or dps. There isn't a lot of legendary heroes (Moltanica, Succubus, and Harpy Queen), but you can also use Shaman or Frost Queen.

    That's all with general tips, I will continue with each level description. Thanks for reading !

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