• Hi Mete, do you have need for another player in your guild? I am still in my one man guild and look for some fun. I am currently at 82k might and play frequently. At which time are you doing Boss fights? I am fine with spending shards. But I can't garuantee that I will be active in the chat. Please let me know and have fun :)

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    • I'll get back to you on that. Maybe today.

      By the way, ours is a super cool guild. We use LINE (which you don't have to have) where we exchange info, help, joke around, etc. We don't have shard requirements - you will be contributing enough when you do your daily quests. In fact, we urge members not to contribute outside of daily quests because we want everybody to be as strong as they can...

      Boss fights are done at 21:00 server time. Since everybody needs HB we do Boss 3 six times a week. On Saturdays, if I am not mistaken, we do Boss 4. I haven't done boss fights in awhile, ever since the time change (I am in Chicago) but I think this has been the schedule.

      We are also very disciplined when it comes to Torch Battles. We only haul and defend as a team at predetermined times on Torch days. Our record is close to 100% with the occasional slip every now and then. We are very strict when it comes to TB since if you haul early you can screw up the whole system... Outside of this, however, we are cool bros (and a few cool chicks) and try to have fun and help each other.

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    • Sounds great, thanks for asking! As I am currently in Montreal the boss time is perfect for me. I have never participated in TB yet. But don't worry, I am informed and disciplined ;) Now I am excited! Grrr... now I have to wait for a answer... keep me informed :)

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    • If you do have LINE, look up our guild leader's ID. It is


      If you don't have LINE or don't want to get it, look us up. Our guild is ranked 35th or 401st depending on what type of guild rankings you use, it is called TheBroCode. The guild leader's name is 1manpit - cool guy. Our might requirement, he just said, is 100K although this is not set in stone. Look him up, you guys can talk and take it from there.

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    • I guess I am too stupid. I installed LINE (ID: milkahazelnutforlife) but cannot find someone with ID ifyouare555thenim666. And actually I don't even know how to chat with someone in CC (android) who isn't in my friendslist ':S

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    • Oh, I struggled with LINE, as well. That app is not very user-friendly...

      You have to do a search by ID/Phone number - it took me some time but I finally figured it out and added you as a friend. Anyways, give 1man another try, see what you guys can figure out.

      If it still doesn't work - let me know and I'll see if I can find a different method. 

      Just a heads-up, dude, there is chance he may postpone. We are currently full. He does go through the guild and boot inactive players but he may have a cutoff length or something... 

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