• Hey everyone! This is directed towards anyone searching for a guild, especially in the wake of upcoming Guild Wars :) Our guild is called Daunted_Souls and has boss III at 16:30 / 15:30. We also have a dmg cap like most guilds: We have a rule stating that weaker players go first - allowing all people to reach max rewards. Being a community is our number one value which is why we have an active Link chat that is mandatory for every member. We share news, tips and strategies there :) Also we do Mesa 4, WG-1/2 and Torch, though we really need more people that can be active at torch time! It's an Android guild btw and ranked between 1k-2k in both might and credits. 

    Especially for upcoming guild wars all people above 15k might are welcome :) As long as you're active obviously. Only few exceptions are allowed and prior to absence leader must be notified! (If it is previously known that the player might be absent for more than 48 hours.) Anyways we are a very friendly and committed guild with people from all countries (US, Europe, Asia, South Africa), different might ranges (10k-85k) and different ages (14-30+). If u want to join us, respond to me here or on Link (Dawn-Elena Skaivia) or in CC (ShadyMistress).

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