• I wanted to help some of the new players to this experience. For Team Dungeon there are specific places to start to win. Basically some spots are bad places to start because your team will walk into tons of bombs and all die. I've been seeing a lot of people swap last second to be next to a good player. THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. they clear their intended path while you walk into bombs and die.. In Team Dungeon II you want a player in each corner and ideally 2x+ pumpkin dukes to win. DO NOT JUMP NEXT TO ANOTHER PLAYER. YOU WILL DIE AND FAIL.... hope this helps some of you new people to Team Dungeons... thanks

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    • While I recommend not running team dungeon two at all.  There is one reason to run it and that is to save a lot of gems by getting your slot cards from here.  But you can also just run Mesa 4 and make enough might to buy them when ever they appear in the warehouse.

      In Mesa 2 the heroes run in pattern.  If all four teams go to the top upper left side the two teams closest to the boss will slowly but surely be drawn into the boss.  But the remaining two teams will run around the the whole base and right through the bomb patches on the far side.  Best way to plan for this is set flying heroes to the outside and ground troops to the inside and hope the ground units get pulled to the boss.  Otherwise using the opposite strategy with groung units to the outside and flyers to the inside while placing the troops in the bottom/right corners will increase odds that only flying troops go near the bombs. 

      Other tips for your general Mesa would be this.  Best heroes in Mesa after of course Pumpkin Duke are heroes who self heal.  At max speed, which you need to win, any amount of heal will generally be enough to get your hero back to max health before the boss procs again.  It even works great on PD (Especially when raiding vs troops to get whole team to max speed.)  The next important thing is stun immunity, if they aren't stunned they're able to get that many more hits.  Plus most stun immunes procs heal and they're able to get more procs off.  The third thing of importance is multiple hitting procs.  Such as Snowzilla who has the highest attacks per second in mesa.  Every snowball hits and he essentially is throwing two at a time when procing.  Other heroes Vlad who both heals and does multiple attacks.  Ghoul who also heals and does multiple attacks.  Reaper who is really great in M4 can hit all 5 bosses every proc has no cool down on his proc and each proc heals himself.  He'll be the last hero standing and almost instantly return to full maximum health after the stun wears off. 

      1) Self Healing (life drain especially)

      2) Stun Immune

      3) Multiple Attack Procs. 

      Ghoulem does all these things and in M4 he's roughly procing between bosses stun and second attack reducing damage taken by further attacks to the team. Increasing odds of surviving the first stun wave.

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