• The cleanest way to hold full 3 min round for Boss 4 is preventing the proc from ever happening. This can be done very easily with a little planning and practice assuming you have a decently high revitalize aries.
    • Hero's Required
      • Pumpkin Duke, Cupid, Frost Witch, Aries, Santa Boom, & Moltanica
        • PD - Evo1, Revite 5, (not required as Zerk is actually better), and Life Drain 3/4 crests. (Blitz Artifact also ++)
        • Aries 8/10 or higher and Revite 5 (Higher the better, and Scatter crests (Doesn't matter level)
        • Frost Witch with 6/10 skill and Scatter Crests (Again doesn't matter level)
        • Cupid with high skill pref 8/10 or better and scatter crests helps
        • Santa Boom with high skill pref 8/10 or better and scatter crests
        • Molt - 6/10 or better and scatter crests
          • Warlock or Harpy Queen could be subbed for Molt.
    • The DROP - Here's the order in which to drop
      • #1 Drop PD first allowing the Boss to target PD. Once he begins walking towards PD move on to #2
      • #2 Drop aries and immediately hit the guardian angel. The scatter crests on Aries will eat the psyshield and thus his Calamity Proc will actually hit the boss thus disabling his insta-death skill for X number of seconds. Try it without the scatter crests and you'll find out Calamity doesn't work.
      • #3 As soon as he procs drop remaining 4 hero as fast as possible right next to boss. If timed correctly the Santa Boom Proc will go off as soon as the Aries Proc ends. This in combination with the Frost witch / Molt slow will cause the boss to not attack again until the next Aries Proc goes off. Santa and Aries have cooldowns of 7 seconds each so if you alternate the two he can't attack you thus no need for any healers other than LD on PD (or tank hero).
      • It may take some tries to get the timing down but this strategy does work.
    • Notes
      • PD Must have enough HP to be able to life drain to keep himself alive.
      • All other debuff heroes must have scatter as talent or at least lvl 1 crests or their skills will not work.
      • I have completed this with no revite on PD / Aries / or Cupid but is EXTREMELY difficult. Revite 3 crests on all 3 or better is preferred to get the timing down easier.
      • I have subbed others such as SK in as tank which works great if your PD can't hold up on his own with life drain. Please note doing this removes the extra 15 energy PD gains from being attacked so stacks will be less and thus less overall damage will be done.
      • I have completely removed debuffers and the only 3 which are 100% required are PD, Aries, and Santa Boom. The debuffers just give you an advantage of not having the perfectly timed drop.
      • Putting the artifact Eye of Garuda on another hero (Other than Aries) also helps. Apparently there is a bug where Eye on Aries causes his proc to stop or not go off if activated.

    Author: Unknown

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    • Cool, thank you for posting this :  ) 

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    • While this is good info, some is not correct. You do not need scatter on all heros, just need it on aries.  Once aries calamity goes off, scatter is not needed.  Putting scatter on everybody just lowers your damage.  Slow down crests are much more effective.

      I am not a master, but I do get 130m+ evertime with just dropping my heroes and going.  

      My team:

      PD (vite+LD), Cupid (scatter (talent) +SD), Aries (5-vite+scatter 1), HQ - (WG + SD), SB (revive + SD), FW (scatter + SD).  He goes so slow that he is unable to attack.

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    • I last a full 3 minutes with similar damage using the following heroes:

      175 Death Knight 7/10 6/8 Tenacity Scatter 3 Crests

      168 Evo1 PD 10/10, 8/8 Berserk, Revitalize 3 Crests, Blitz Scroll

      141 Frost Witch 5/10, 4/8 Berserk, Scatter 3 Crests

      180 Cupid 9/10, 3/8 Revive, Revitalize 3 Crests

      166 Evo1 Santa, 8/10 4/8 War God, Revive 4 Crests, Eye of Garuda

      160 Evo1 Aries, 9/10 4/8 Sprint, Revitalize 3 Crests, Lighning Rock

      I was able to last for full 3 minutes even before having any artifacts and before skills were levelled up so high.

      I drop DK first, Then everyone else 1 second later and GA before the boss can take his first hit on DK.

      Edit on 4/21/16:

      I now use:

      185 SK Evo1 7/10 5/5 Condemnation, Scatter 3 Crests, Eye of Garuda instead of DK

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    • @Bp42810 - your strategy sounds risky. Do you get consistent 3min runs or does it sometimes fail you?

      @...the post author - cool-sounding strategy but too iffy to time correctly, no?

      @Rukkian - for my own case, your strategy sounds the easiest to implement (if i ever do start caring about Boss4...) So, I imagine you drop one of the ranged heroes first? Not PD, since he would cause the Boss to aggro on him? And by doing this you forego the opportunity to get your PD to stack quicker...then do you really need the LD crests or would it not be better to give you PD zerk-4 crests, for example? I see your PD is not one of those zerk-8 monsters.

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    • I actually use my pd as the tank, mine has revite-5, which is not as good for this, but not going to change it.  He barely gets hurt, and when he does, he gets it back immediately.  It may not work as well if you pd is lower level (mine is devo 177), but the whole point is that the boss is barely moving, his attack speed is so slow that he gets like one hit every 30 seconds.  The only chance of his proc going is if that one attack happens, and then he goes again while he is not silenced, which is not much between eye of garuda and aries.  I have been told it is much easier at higher levels of calamity (mine is 8/10), but I only loose a hero like every 5 runs.  I typically end with about 30 seconds on the clock so that I can do another full attack before he is dead.

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    • Mete00001 wrote:
      @Bp42810 - your strategy sounds risky. Do you get consistent 3min runs or does it sometimes fail you?

      It works very consistently for me. The only risk is not getting GA before first hit or waiting too long to drop other heroes, but I think anyone who has played should be able to do it easily. The scatter heroes pop the top off of the boss' shield. Then Aries procs. Works.

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    • Very well described.

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    • I do something similar, here is the video of how I do it:

      Note the skill levels / talents / crests i the description.  I would like to say my team is very very modest and gets away with enough.

      I drop Molt first since he has lifedrain 3 crests, and then dogpile the rest of the team.  Nothing too fancy as you can see from the vid.  Note I put Emblem of Victor on Santa since there is a low damage cap and the debuff from victor helps towards the lock.

      I find Molt is better than PD for tanking due to his max HP (allowing LD3 crests to soak nicely).

      You dont need a molt to do this, you can probably subsitute Molt for a decently leveled harpy queen.

      Santa might be replacable as well if you had a super high shaman, but your aries skill would probably need to be 9 or something to compinsate (definitely not 5 like mine).

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    • you have a lot of scatter rests there but only lvl 3 scatter does negate the energygain so for 6 heros you will need 90 energy drop +15 for the boss togheter 105 if you get 1 hero with a lvl 8/8 scatter you allredy have -80 energy so you only need something to drop another 25 or an lvl 5 scatter crest

      in order to keep the boss from procing you have to have 1 hero with 8/8 scatter + 1 hero with 5/8 scatter (or pixie because she has it) or 3 heros with 3/8 and 3 heros with 4/8 scatter both ways keeps an boss from proccing no need for aries. and with HQ on a 9/10 skill you got your Molt covered and every 2 sec the skill staks for 1 sec. 

      so thogheter you will need a PD, HQ, Cupid or Valentina and the rest is open maybe a good aeo but the last 2 can be every good dmg dealer 

      for me i would go with pd 8/8 berserk, hq 8/8 scatter, cupid 5/5 revit, ghoulem, DK and 1 of those: snowzilla / immo / vlad 

      and because only 1 hero has the scatter as talent and 1 as crest you have plenty of space to get the other good dmg talents and crests or revie crests to live on even if he procs once

      that way you can even kill a lvl 4 boss solo if needed within those 30mins 

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    • So scatter is only needed to eat the psyshield, the only hero's that need scatter would be molt, HQ, SB, Aries, FW for the debuffs? Which ever hero's are used.

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    • I only put scatter on aries, that way calamity gets through and psyshield is down for the duration.  

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    • So all other debuff get through when SB is proccing and Aries is on cool down?

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    • A FANDOM user
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