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    14:49, December 20, 2017

    Hey bro, Finally got my chest, got a level 5 stone skin.... I decided to trade it with my aries deadly strike(which doesnt help) because At least he will have 25% reduced damage than just a 10% CHANCE at getting a critical hit.

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    • Was pretty mad about it I do not know if stone skin js good or not..

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    • Well, if you used it already it's moot getting don't :)

      Stone Skin is.... well, it can be great. If used on Vlad or Grimfiend or Dread Drake, and raised to 8/8, it actually becomes an incredibly powerful addition. I listed those 3 heroes because they have skills that would complement SS. Vlad heals himself, same with GF, DD lowers his damage intake already so SS8 would make him practically impossible to kill. 

      Aries....well....keep it on him until you roll revitalize5 or war god5 - these are the only 2 talents that really work on him. Unless of course you are like @Treseus33 and swim in countless revite5 crest sets in which case anything would work on Aries.

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    • Lol thats so funny, you just cracked me up

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    • I get I failed that claim guys can we please chill lmao

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    • Stop reviving old threats then, now I start laughing about it again. >< So thank's for reviving them, I guess. ;)

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