• You have helped me alot .. thank you man.

    I wonder for how long have you been playing castle clash ?

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    • You are always welcome :)

      I think I started 1 or 2 months after the game came out. Don't remember exactly but somewhere there. It's been a loooong ride :)

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    • Since you look like an expert in the game, I would like to ask you about Lava Isle. I have been trying it for awhile now, but I can't really do good at it at all. Everytime I join a team to take on Lava 1, we end up being died. I can access Lava 3, but honestly, I think I wouldn't do that since I can't even finish Lava 1 :D. 

      Do you have any tips about Lava Isle at all ? Which spot to pick while joining, heroes lineup, any recommendations ?!

      I would really appreciate it since the rewards looks way better than Mesa-4 

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    • Yes, we do need to have a decent guide in here - I just messaged one of the admins. 

      In the meantime, though:

      I've never actually done Lava-1. Not sure why, to tell you the truth. I did Lava-2 a little bit, it's pretty straightforward, you just need to have one Mino and one or two revite PD's. Lava-3 is the interesting one with the best rewards. For that, however, strong players are needed. Most people jump from Mesa-4 straight to Lava-3. 

      I'll try to create a guide. If I can't, I'll just post the pictures here.

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    • Well, to have a Mino, it would be kinda hard since I am an FTP. I only roll the gems i earn from the game, and I have been playing it for about 4 years now - I stopped playing for awhile in the middle though - and I have not participated in any events of the game. I save the talent cards to roll them when asked by quest to get the free 300 gems :D .. I have my base with 3 builders only :) .. but other than that I am doing well. It would be very helpful to have a guide about Lava, at least to know what to do and what we shouldnt do especially that its rewards are alot better than Mesa.

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    • @Azedan1 You shall not play Lava with randoms, join a guild a play with 3 other guildmates because you need special setups on all 4 spots 

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    • Oh, yes, you definitely need a guild or at least to find 3 people with whom to run lava. Random lavas are a lost cause. 

      So, creating a lava page here seems to be a challenge. Azedan1 - give me an email or a Line profile and I can send you more details instructions. I would prefer Line, by the way. 

      Anyways, For Lava-2, there are at least a couple of setups. When I was doing L2 we would be either 2 top and 2 bottom left as pictured or I can go next to IV - the bottom right corner.

      L2 is quite straightforward - the group of 4 needs 1 or 2 Minos with revite-5, preferrably (but not a must) and 1 or 2 PD's with revite-5. A pumped up Val or Cupid helps a lot. The only challenge of L2 is an atlanticore that is between positions II and III. That fella appears to have revite-5 and you need to stun and kill him right away. Otherwise, both teams II and III are toast. You would need to have at least one treantaur, by the way. Usually, one is enough. Also, 1 or 2 aries is very nice since there are always a couple of enemy heroes left.

      This is what I remember from Lava 2. If anyone remembers any other details - please share.
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    • And for Lava-3, well this is a bit more complicated. I would guess you aren't yet ready for it. But in general, there are 2 setups that work. You will notice both of them concentrate on the right corner. 

      This first setup is what most people use. I actually prefer the second setup which I've found to be easier.

      For position 4, Arctica is not a must - a solid grimfiend works just as well. For position 1 (which is usually my spot), I actually switch ghoul's and dd's spots. Also, all PK's can be substituted for SM (I do prefer PK, though). Finally, keep in mind that 2 heroes are extremely important - the Ice Demon in spot 3 and the treantaur in spot 1. Without those 2 you can't pass L-3. 
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    • A final comment - these are setups that work but that doesn't necessarily mean these are the only setups that work. I am sure other people may use other hero combinations.

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    • Thanks alot for the tips and comments. They taught me alot and gave me an idea about what should be done. I am in a solid guild but the thing is there are 7 hours different in timing between me and the rest of the guys, so it is kinda hard to meet them online. For the heroes combinations, it is not that hard to get except for Mino. I will try to group up some decent players to take on Lava together. I might consider joining another guild with more appropriate time zone for me. 

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    • Might and timezone? Can fix you in my guild got 24 hours Lava teams

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    • 70k might .. (UTC+02:00) Cairo

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    • A FANDOM user
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