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    Hi Maximums,

    The main wikia editors / admin (all volunteers) typically keep an eye on changes in wikia (as well as in the game) and strive to make sure that all amendments are accurate. So we typically don't have a need to go and recheck the information.

    Wikia is free to everyone to edit, and if anyone sees something that is wrong or missing, we encourage them to either:

    • amend accordingly if they are able
    • or, contact wikia admin about ut
    • or, post something about the issue they have seen

    There are also existing groups that the admins are part of that test aspects of the game, identify changes etc, so typically we are aware of changes in the game.

    The TH page was one of the earlier pages and the "unlock" table largely become redundant / neglected and the focus moved to on the "statistics" table as the game changed.

    I should have paid more attention to the "unlock" table, but I did not, so that was my bad. It had some unique information in it but was to messy to keep updating for such minor information, so rather than dropping it, it was left there.

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    • Oh sorry, I did not mean to offend you guys. I did not mean that as you guys were not doing your job, I just mean it in a way to keep everything updated. I do know that you admins are busy a majority of the time, at least you do not intervein much. So All I am implying is that the more people who check the wikia the better.

      Although some things may get neglected I still feel it should be updated. I understand there are always updates and sometimes it is hard, which is why I think its better to have a week where we all specifically do that.

      After all I like structure in some cases, and I like this wikia. Unfortunately I do not know everything therefor I cannot simply add information to some areas. Town hall is an example. I only have a TH 18. Its a different story.

      Ill let you Admins continue doing your thing though :). No disrespect, it was just a suggetion. Mucho Gracias Señor, Buenos Noches.

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    • LOL, no offense was taken, I was just simply explaining things :-)

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    • I understand :). Thank you, ill try to find and help the best I can.

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    • Lol, not saying this will be me, but what happens if a troll erases EVERYTHING here (I mean the info about a hero), then what do you guys do? You guys have an archive or something or you guys just make it back up from scratch? HEEHEHEHHEHEHE

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    • Info about everything realted to cc like heroes buildings consumables etc

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    • He can just click a simple Undo button and it all comes back. You would have to destroy the website and break all the coding in order to prevent them from undoing. But I mean hehehe, I know nothing about this and I do dot plan on doing that ;).

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    • Yeah, kinda forgot about the undo button. Would editing it multiple times, then erasing it all work? I type some words in Word and then I do undo and not all of what I typed at the beginning show up.

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    • I mean I do not know exactly, lol. It is a kinda not too exciting topic for the admins. Your already on there bad side :).

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    • Say what Maximums?

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    • He says "I mean I do not know exactly, lol. It is a kinda not too exciting topic for the admins. Your already on there bad side :)"

      Your welcome for my help!

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    • What are you talking about heath? What did I say? ;)

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    • Maximums, can you please stop talking on Admins behalf.

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    • Lmao, on your behalf? Are we serious here? So do you want me to troll myself? I can be just as unruly. Your behalf huh? Doesnt seem liking your doing much about it now are you? I am sorry, ill let you continue to do "your behalf" and Ill continue being a productive person. Generally when someone doesnt do there job they tend to need someone to pick up the slack. But excuse me, that would be doing you Almighty special admins "behalf". :)

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    • Thats what I thought....

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    • Max,

      I think that you get the very wrong impression that admins are somehow responsible for this page being up to date. In fact, it is your work. Content of wikia is created by community. By anyone willing.

      In my opinion, everybody who draws info from wikia and finds an error or wrong spelling or something else worth editing/updating is morally obliged to do so as a payback for provided benefits.

      Admins are here to set paths for further developing, remove useless edits, grant some order, ensure accuracy, etc. Admins are recruited from most active editors, obviously, and they usually keep editing.

      Finally, there is no job. Nobody is paid here and there are no other benefits. You failed to keep that site updated same as everybody else here. Do you tend to need someone to pick up the slack?

      This is last post in this conversation, I don't want anybody able to update this page to waste time on this topic anymore.

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