• Thanks for the further updates to the energy page, "normal" attack is better phrasing than "melee" attack. Also hadn't realized that some procs didn't affect energy

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    • Easy to test out. Just take a non-damaging proc by itself into a low level dungeon.

      Also in battle with only one hero, how can a Ninja return to zero energy but a Druid never can? (You can test this also...)

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    • Can you make the following edits to the Energy page:

      -Both troops and towers attacking a Hero give 1 energy

      -Hero Bombs give 0 energy

      -Pets give 0 energy. 

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    • I knew towers gave energy! I thought I was crazy! Thank you for clarifying :).

      With that said, All Hero Bombs do is make me rage quit and spit out every cuss word in the book. I hate those dang bombs. Especially when taking a base I should have no casualties on but die anyways.

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    • A FANDOM user
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