• Now I see that you haven't learn a thing from your previous block.

    Stop creating your own names. There is no hero compendium and we don't want to confuse our readers as the compendium is related to pets.

    From now on:

    - You don't create a new page unless approved by an admin.

    - No more new names. There are no "fire heroes" and compendium is related to pets.

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    • What is the name of the book where you trade in soulstones for heroes?

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    • LeonGRAY Administrator After collecting the Soulstones, you can see them in the Hero Compendium.

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    • There is no official name. There is also no name for it in game itself. And finally, (pets) compendium is not a list of pets with their abilities.

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    • But that is that the only name that has been used for that feature in discussions about the game (especially by CC admins), or is there some other term that has been used?

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    • My appologies.

      <List Id="34761" Txt="1. View information of all Heroes in the Hero Compendium. 2. Take part in official events to earn Soulstones and exchange them for Heroes. 3. Heroes that cannot be hired with Hero Shards can be hired with Soulstones." />

      Page restored.

      But!, soulstones are not worth the whole page (there are way too many items without their page).

      And I still want screenshots, video or source if you want to do edits on mechanics of the game.

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    • My apologies, I'm not much at photoediting. I'll see what I can do for it.

      What's the name for the bottom menu that has Hero Compendium and Crisis?

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    • Screenshot I'd most like added is an annotated main screen with the bottom menu showing on a page that has links to the items with arrows pointing at them on the screenshot.

      More Events --->


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    • A FANDOM user
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