• Hi guys, I will appreicate a lot if you guys are able to guide me on which skills i should focus more on currently and until which level since farming for shards are quite hard (for me) and same goes for honor badge. 

    I have 6 Slime Essence, 16 Crystal Ooze Essence and 86 Gelatinous Champion Essence.

    7000 Shard and about 200k Honor Badges.

    My current list of heros (all non evolved) .

    Main Team: 

    Skull Knight: Skill Level 5/10. LIfe Drain 4/8

    Trixie Treat: Skill Level 4/10. Bulwark 5/8

    Dread Drake:Skill Level 3/8. Bulwark 3/8

    Cupid: Skill Level 5/10. Revitalize 1/5

    Pumpkin Dude: Skill Level 3/10. War God 1/8

    Ghoulem: Skill Level 2/10. War God 1/8

    Orksbane: Skill Level 1/10 Tenacity 5/8

    Other heros with level 1 skills:

    Thunder God



    Santa Boom

    Grizzly Reaper


    Death Knight



    Harpy Queen

    Candy Kane


    Phantom King





    Account is about 12 days old and spent about $250 already. Highest level hero is level 123

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    • I would work on your Pumpkin duke first, his skill is most important, get that to at least 6/10, after that get that cupid up to 6/10, then work on either DD or ghoulem. If your having a hard time surviving then upgrade ghoulem more before DD. As far as leveling goes, Work on SK first, then ghoul, then either Trixie or DD. Then cupid and pumpkin duke.

      If your wondering why I put cupid and pd last, they inoy heed to be upgraded for survival, and if you have two-3 strong heroes in front of them destroying the enemy, then pd and cupid can be reprioritized to the back of the line. Unless your pd and cupid are so low that just touching a hero kills them lol.

      I hope this helps, good luck. If your have any more, just ask the forum. I am sure someone will respond :). Cheers.

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    • Kick poor ork off your main, then get ghoulem up to 3/10 asap!  Then work on PD to get to 5/10. Once he's there get everyone else to 5/10 and then go back to getting him to 7/10, then work on SK or ghoulem, which ever you think you use more.  

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    • take off tricks treat for Val santa for ork

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    • Ork for santa I mean lol

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