• OK.. So I have had a few decent rolls recently and nowIi have a lot of heros but not sure where I should focus.  I am stuck on expert dungeon 10/10 and I would love to get passed this, Heors and stats listed below

    Hero Level Skill Talent Crest
    Pumkin Duke (evo x1) 165  9/10 revite 5/5 zerk 3
    Cupid (evo x1) 165  7/10 revite 5/5 Slow Down 3
    Druid (evo x 1) 163  8/10 Life drain 4/8 Slow Down 4
    Thunder God (evo x 1) 160   7/10 SS 5/8 Bul 3
    Aries 183   7/10 spint 5/8 WG 3
    Vlad 177   8/5 Revive 4/8 Revite 3
    Immortarep 173  6/10 FG 5/8 Zerk 2
    Grimfiend 165  7/10 Scatter 7/8 Bul 3
    Gunslinger 165  7/10 SS 3/8 Blade Shell 3
    Snowzilla 163  5/10 LD 3/8 Scatter 2
    Death Knight 162  6/10 Scorch 5/8 SS 3
    Gholmn 161  6/10 WG 4 Zerk 2
    Phantom King 161  4/10 Condemnation  5/5 Scorch 3
    Skull Knight 160  7/10 Scatter 5/8 LD 3
    Lady Leo 152  4/10 WG 4/8 Bul 2
    Succubus 146  5/10 deadly strike 3/10 Heavy blow 3
    Michael 145  5/10 Bul 3/8 tenacity 2
    Atlanticore 140  4/10 Corrode 5/5 SS 3
    Santa  137  3/10 spint 3/8 Bul 2
    Medusa 137  4/10 Zerk 3 Ten 2
    Rockno 137  4/10 Condemnation  4/5 Bul 1
    Candy Kane 136  4/10 Revive 4/8 scatter 1
    Harpy 128  3/10 Scatter 4/8 Tenacity 3
    TREANTAUR 127  4/10 Revive 5/8 BS 3
    Pixie 123  4/10 FG 3/8 BS 2
    Warlock 122  3/10 Tenacity 5/8 Revite 2
    Mechtessa 77  3/10 Sprint 4/8

    ive been working SK and Michael as rolled them most recently but will this get me onto Insane dungeons?

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    • Correction Vlad should read 8/10 skill

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    • Heroes that will be required:

      -Vlad (Area Proc Damage+Survivability)

      -Ghoulem (Huge Healer+Damage to area)

      -Pumpkin Duke (Increase DMG and DMG SPEED+MOV SPEED/Good buff stacker)

      -Michael since no DD (Best Tank+DMG INCREASE and HITSPEED) (Also crit's+Archangel causing massive damage (Archangel does not die))

      -Grimfiend (Take out walls and building with 1 proc with PD stacks and his ability to increase his own damage in demon form)

      -Thunder God (Since he's evolved in your team) (Cause damage to multiple areas)

      (NOTE: I recommend levelling up your ghoulem, michael and grimfiend as they are way underleveled for the current dungeon you are in)

      (Also, I would work on either Grimfiend or Santaboom if you would like to cause huge DPS in dungeons) 

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    • I just rolled Valantina yesterday to add to the selection

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    • Oh dude thats great! I got my first moltanica today im soo hyped :D

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    • I got through this dungeon, thanks everyone!.. was pretty quick to get through the insane dungeon 1 too!!   Now Im stuck on the first stage of insane dungeon 2 (can get about 40%).  Which I think unlocks a new artefact so Im expecting to be stuck here a while...   and thanks for advice, working on Michael (now eveolved), Santa (179) and Gholem (176)  as suggested.  rolled a 5/8 war god I stuck on Vlad who kills it now and a 5/8 tenacity which i put on michael :)

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    • Heroes to focus on long-term: Pumpkin Duke, Cupid, Druid (special use), Aries (bad talent, though – needs revite5 or WG), Grim (will be critical in HBM AA), Gunslinger (critical), Ghoulem, PK, SK, Mike, Rockno, Tree. 

      Heroes to ignore/stop working on: To ignore: TG, Vlad, Immo, SZ, LL, Sucsy, AC, CK, HQ, Pixie, WL, Tessa.

      Maybe: if GW raids are done sniping-style, then do work on Aries, WL, Pixie. 

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    • does anyone here want an acc im just giving my many away some of the herois i have include mechtessa anubis and gunslinger and wallawalla 

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