• Hey old pal. Do you think there's any way to explain or send me a guide on how to create a certain page? I wanted to for the enchantment talents but am a little confused (I also don't see that any were made; just wanted to for the people that do still come here with curious questions sometimes.)

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    • Ha! I am a big ole noob when it comes to this. Sorry, bro, can't help you. I have no idea how to do it  :(

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    • Pls elaborate a little more. What exactly do you want to create?

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    • LaaTheEvil wrote:
      Pls elaborate a little more. What exactly do you want to create?

      Thanks anyway pal. Laa thank God your still here! I wanted to create pages or a part of wiki for specfically the Enchantments (not including traits i mean) What they do of course but I wanted to make it I guess a little more in depth and reverse effects of heroes page. Like put recommended heroes for each enchantment and why. (sort of like talents explanations for heroes) Any info, tips, or a guide of how to do so would be appreciated mate :) (did this in case it only showed this way)

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    • OK, understood.

      If you want to suggest something for player, maybe

      is a page for you. Create a page part with name Enchantments.

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    • A big thanks to you Laa.

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    • A FANDOM user
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